(Another) Morning Routine

By now I've done a handful or morning routine posts, so I decided to another
one, which I'm not sure why but I am. I don't see many morning routine posts
but there are a lot of videos out there of this. The videos tend to be nothing like
what an actual morning routine is. They are often seen eating healthy for breakfast,
doing exercise and being a massive morning person. This is far from reality.

The first thing I do after I wake up is lie in bed debating whether I should
stay awake or go back to bed. I don't have a specific time that I wake up every
 day but I like to wake up around 9am as it makes me feel productive.
Then for the next, what I think will only be 5 minutes but turns into 30,
I go on my phone and check social media and maybe even go on Netflix for 
way longer than I'd like to admit to myself!

When I decide to get out of bed I tend to ponder about. I go downstairs
get a drink, maybe some breakfast if I want it that day or just go
and sit downstairs for a long while.

After I've done wondering around for ages I will either get ready
for the day if I'm going out (which I was today) or I will go on my laptop
watch some more Netflix or do some work and write some blog
posts. I will usually then get dressed into new pajamas or into some
nicer clothes! Obviously then I do the normal things like brush
my teeth and all of that stuff, but then my morning routine is usually
over as it is slowly creeping into evening. 

If you're curious as to what I do in the evening then check out
my next post which is going to be just that!


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