Battle of the Face Primers

I never used to see the point in using face primers. Mainly because I never noticed
my makeup coming of throughout the day and most of the time it just looked the 
exact same. As I have quite large pores I decided to start trying some that would
 help minimise the look of them. Since then I have been hooked. My favourites 
are any that make me look dewy or will cover my pores without being cakey. As 
another part of my "battle of" series I thought I would share my opinions on
some of the face primers that I own.

Nivea express hydration primer
I got this primer because it had hydration in the title, which I have dry skin
so I am in need of. This is a good product because it does have a lot
of hydration and it makes your skin look radiant. However it's not that 
good as a primer because I find it doesn't keep your makeup any longer than
normal, which you think it would because it's a primer. I would recommend
this but not as a primer. I would probably end up using this as a moisturiser.

Maybelline baby skin primer
When I saw that Maybelline had a pore minimising primer I was super
excited because I love the Benefit porefessional and was interested in
trying this because it is a lot cheaper. I do really like this primer because I
find it does give a smooth look to the skin, however I'm not the biggest
fan of the texture and it is quite sticky and jelly feeling. If you can get past
the texture then I would recommend this to people who are looking to
reduce the look of pores and give a smooth look to the skin.

Miss Sporty instaglow primer 
A few months ago now everyone was talking about the new Miss 
Sporty products that had launched. When I went into Boots I decided to 
give it a go because of all the hype around them. I picked up the instaglow
primer which mainly caught my eye because of the vibrant pink packaging.
I don't reach for this on a daily basis but it is a really nice primer. This
is pink toned primer which gives a really nice radiant glow to your skin.
This isn't too drying or too oily so I would recommend this to people 
who are looking for a nice natural dewy complexion.

Benefit porefessional primer
At the time when I bought this, it was one of the most talked about primers.
I originally got this as a sample in a magazine as I couldn't justify 
spending that much money on a primer. When I did decided to purchase
it, I was immediately hooked. I have dry skin and I would recommend this
if you have dry skin and large pores like me. It's not drying and doesn't
cling on to your dry areas but it does minimise the look of your pores.

Loreal lumi magique 
I have had this primer on my wish list for such a long time but every time I 
went into Boots I always forgot to pick it up. When I noticed that Loreal
was having a 3 for 2 offer I knew I had to pick it up. There have
been very few days since I got this that I haven't used it. It gives the
perfect amount of radiance to the skin and is super build able so it can
be worn both sheer and more intense which is great for day to night looks.
Even if you have oily skin I would give this a go but maybe wouldn't
recommend to use this all over the face, only on the high points of your face.


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