My Realistic Everyday Makeup Routine

I have lost count of the amount of makeup looks and everyday makeup posts that I have
done of my blog. Although I say that my everyday makeup looks are what I do 
every time I do makeup, they aren't really that realistic if I'm going to college or only
doing a few things that day. As I've never done this I thought I would show you what
I really do my makeup on a realistic day.

The first thing I do is use a cc cream instead of a foundation. My favourite
is from Bourjois. I like using this because it gives a lot of coverage, so it
looks like I've put in more effort, but it is super light feeling. 

I love using concealer but realistically I don't need it, don't have time
or just can't be bothered. So instead I use the Revlon colourstay concealer,
which is medium coverage and quite lightweight. I do still have to set
my concealer as I am yet to find a concealer that doesn't crease on me. For
this I use the powder from the Soap and Glory kick ass concealer kit.

Although I have dry skin I still have to set my base with powder. For this
I use the Maybelline fit me powder because it doesn't look cakey 
on your skin or cling to your skin, but it does keep your base in place.

On a realistic day I only use bronzer on my cheeks and that is purely 
because I don't have a lot of dimension to my face. For this I have been
using the Maybelline master sculpt contour kit in light medium, which
isn't my favourite but it gives the right amount of colour that I'm looking for.

For mascara I like to keep it quite natural looking so for this I use the 
Max Factor 2000 calorie lash affect which gives both length
and volume without looking too clumpy or spider legs looking!!

If it was up to me I'd have full bold brows everyday of the week
but with this sort of makeup look, my brows would probably end up
sticking out like a sore thumb. So instead I just use a little bit of the 
Maybelline brow drama tinted brow mascara in blonde to still give me 
some shape and colour without being too harsh looking.


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