Battle of the Maybelline Eye Bases

Lately I have become quite obsessed with eye bases. I don't really know where it is has
come from but the colour tattoos from Maybelline are definetly my favourite. I've managed 
to build up quite a collection of bases from Maybelline. I thought since these are my 
favourite I would share which I are my favourites and how I will wear them.

My all time favourite from the range Creme De Rose which is a creamy matte formula.
I love this one because although it might not look like a neutralizing colour it covers
any discolouring on the eyelids but also looks great with any eye look.

Another shade that is similar to that is Creme De Nude which is another creamy matte
formula. This is a lighter colour which is comparable to concealer as it has a yellow 
undertone which is great to pair along dark or bold colours to intensify the colours.

Before I found the Creme De Rose shade my favourite was Creamy Beige which is a 
leather effect formula. I love this shade as it looks great underneath taupe eye
looks but also looks great on its own for a more simple look. 

I don't do dark or smokey looks very often but when I do I really enjoy using Vintage Plum
 which is another leather effect formula. I like this shade with darker looks because it
 can be worn more intensely for a more smokey look or lighter for a less vampy look.

My favourite shade to use on its own is On and On Bronze because it is a warm brown 
shade that has a lot of shimmer throughout it that looks great with a more every
day look if you are wanting to add some shimmer and definition to the eye.

One of the first bases I got from Maybelline was Eternal Gold which I really enjoy
to wearing this underneath an intense gold or copper look as this shade adds
some extra definition and gold tone to the look without looking too overwhelming.

This shade I don't wear that often any more but when I do I think it looks paired
along a soft feminine pink look that is great for special occasions. This
shade is Pink Gold which is part of the original collection from Maybelline.

I believe Permanent Taupe was the first shade I picked up. This is a cool toned
taupe that is easily build able for a softer or more dramatic eye look.

I bought Timeless Black so I could use it for vampy and smokey eye looks or to
add some definition to the lash line working as an eyeliner. I love this because it is
 super black and can easily be smudged out or use more dramatically.

I would recommend these to anyone who is after an affordable eye base from 
the drugstore that is super creamy and pigmented. These can be found
in many different places such as Boots and Superdrug for around £4.99.


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