Ultimate Pamper Routine

My all time favourite thing has got to be pampering myself. To me pampering is not only
 having a nice bath with a face mask but also de-stressing and avoiding busy tasks. 
There are a lot of steps that go into my pamper routine that I didn't actually realise. 
This is a step that I think a lot of people forget to do or don't realise is part of a pamper routine. This is 
to de-stress, turn off social media and stop any work that you are doing for the night. The reason for
 this is because if you're trying to wind down and relax you don't want your brain to be over thinking
 about all of the work you have to do.

This is a very simple step but is what I think makes the whole pamper routine even more relaxing. 
This is to use a face mask, my favourite is the Boots own 3 minute face mask. You can
leave this on for 3 minutes however I like to leave this on until it dries for the best results.

My next and all time favourite step is to get into a nice hot bath and relax. Most people like to have a 
glass of wine with some candles however that's not really my thing, so I just dim the lights and 
have a nice soak. Using lush or bath products are what makes the bath even more relaxing.

Whilst in the bath I really love to give my hair some love. I do my normal hair care routine but
I will often either use a hair treatment or some more conditioner to give me some luscious locks.

I tend to neglect my body so this is the time when I like to give it some love like my hair.
I will use give my body a good exfoliate, then shave followed by my favourite body lotion.

Step 4
Since I've just shown my hair and body some love it is time to show the same for my skin.
My usual skin care routine is quite simple so on pamper nights I love to deep clean
my skin, exfoliate and use a moisture mask on my dry skin.

Step 5
The last and final step I do is get into some cosy pajamas, wrap a blanket around me
whilst watching a film with a hot chocolate and some snacks.


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