Updated Pamper Routine

Having a pamper night is one of my favourite things to do. I actually have a pamper 
night 2-3 times a week. I don't use the same products each time, sometimes I 
go all out and really pamper myself and sometimes I will only use a few products 
but some that still  make me feel pampered and relaxed.

I really like to do a face mask and use nose pore strips as they really help with the 
improvement of my skin by clear my pores, brightening and reducing the risk of spots.

This might sound weird for some but I absolutely love using a super moisturising shower gel.
 I think because when they lather up I feel super pampered and nourished. The palmolive ones
are my favourite. This one is in the scent mediterranean moments which also has argan oil in it.

One of my favourite things about pampering myself is using a hair mask, however I currently
have ran out and haven't had time to buy one. Despite this I also love using hair oils, in both replacement
of a hair mask but also including. This one is my favourite and is the liquid gold from Tresemme. 

On a pamper routine, especially in winter moisturiser is definetly needed. I have quite dry skin and love
to feel moisturised. I do love the Body Shop love lotion as it is thick and full of moisture but it
 isn't too thick to the point on where it feels sticky and like you can't sit down or move. 

The last must have for my pamper routine is a Lush bath bomb. As it is Christmas time it is 
obvious that I am going to use a Christmas bath bomb. I decided to use Father Christmas
that smells like bubblegum and turns your bath green once it has completely fizzed out!


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