MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters Review

I haven't tried that many different highlighters, mainly because the drugstore doesn't have
that many available and more highend highlighters are a lot more expensive. When I found these
in Superdrug I got super excited and immediately wanted to try them. 

The first one I picked up was the original one which is the pink toned highlighter. This is
definetly my favourite out of all of them, as I love the look of the pink toned on my fair skin. 
These have great pigmentation which don't cake up or cling to the dry patches on my skin, this
also can look super natural but also quite dramatic and intense if you build it up.

The next one I picked up was iridescent gold which has a light gold/champagne tone to it. 
I like to use this mainly on my brow bone and inner corner, but if I do use it on my cheek bones
I love to wear and layer it over top of the original pink toned highlighter, which gives a
beautiful mixture of both champagne and pink undertones to the tops of the cheek bones.

The last one I picked up is is in opalescent amber, which has a red/pink undertone to it. I will
admit I only picked this up out of curiosity because I have never seen anybody use or buy a highlighter
with a red under tone to it. I was quite scared that this would look out of place on the face, but as
the red isn't too intense and it almost looks like a darker warm toned pink/rose gold shade, it looks
great with more intense, dramatic night time looks. 

Overall these are definetly the best highlighters that I have found in the drugstore, not only because
they are super accessible and easy to find but also because they are really affordable and only cost £3.


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