Top 5 Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos

Drugstore eye bases are something that aren't really talked about in the beauty world. Mainly 
because they aren't the right texture or because the colour payoff isn't very good. However
these eye bases are talked about quite a lot and I wanted to share my top 5 with you all as they
are probably my most favourite eye bases that I have ever tried.

Creme De Rose (Creamy Mattes) - This is my favourite colour out of all the ones that I have. This is a neutral pink shade that has been compared to MAC painterly paint pot. This is a great shade to use on an everyday basis as the shade is super versatile and can be worn underneath any eye shadow look to help the eye shadow last longer as well as a better colour payoff for the eye shadows. This is also part of their creamy mattes range which means that is is super creamy but doesn't have that look when applied to the eye. 

Creamy Beige (Leather Effect) - This is another colour in that is super easy to wear as it is a neutral colour but it is also great to be used underneath a more dramatic eye as the colour is a more darker neutral shade. I like to wear and pair this base and colour with the Urban Decay naked basics palette as they both really compliment each other. This is also part of their leather effect range which gives a leathery non-sticky sticky look to the eye when worn alone.

On And On Bronze - This is probably the most talked about shade in the entire range, mainly because it's an intense bronze shade that looks beautiful when applied to the lids. I also think that this is the most talked about not only because it is super accessible and affordable but also because it is a shade that can be worn alone and still looks beautiful and not too intense.

Vintage Plum (Leather Effect) - I have had to much use out of this shade but when I have used this it is a great colour, not only because it is intense and a vampy purple shade but also because when worn more natural and lightly it looks great but it also looks great when worn intensely and more dramatic which is a great thing for a eye shadow to have because it makes is a super easy and versatile colour to use and wear

Creme De Nude (Creamy Mattes) - I absolutely love this colour not only because it sort of works like a concealer and erases any imperfections or discolouring on the eyelids along with giving a complete clean base and look to the eye but also because the when eye shadow is applied on top it intensifies the pigmentation as it is a super light colour


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