Girls Night In Essentials

Having a girls night in is one of my favourite things. I love to use face masks and watch films
whilst being all cosy and warm. There are many things that are needed for a girls night 
in, so I wanted to show you my top essentials and favourites.

My number one essential is face masks. These ones are from Montogne Jeunesse which
can be found in loads of shops, including supermarkets. These aren't my favourite 
face masks but they are super quick and easy to use and are really good for your skin.

My other top essential are films. Since it is around Christmas I love to watch ELF, this isn't
my top favourite Christmas film but it is a must watch film. Watching a romance on a girls night
is one of the best things, one is crazy stupid love which has Ryan Gosling in and the other is the
fault in our stars which is a good film if you want a romance but also a good cry.

If films aren't your favourite thing, reading a good magazine might be. This is Glamour magazine
which has youtuber Tanya Burr on the cover. My favourite girly magazine is Cosmopolitan,
which has loads of quiz's, advice and gossip throughout it.

Painting your nails is a super fun thing to do with all your friends. You can choose each others 
colours and paint each others nails whilst having a good catch up. This one is the Nails Inc. polish
in howick place which is all time favourite colour polish. 

The first thing I always do on a girls night is change in to some comfy pj's. My favourite pajamas
at the moment are Christmas themed from H&M and they are super comfy without being
too warm and thick. Another thing that goes along with my pajamas are a good cosy blanket. I am
in love with this one from Primark that is patchwork looking on the front and super fleesey on the back.

Having a junk food is the one thing that everyone has to do and have. Whether it be pizza or just a 
bunch of chocolate. My ultimate obsession at the minute is the small cookies from cookie man.
They are super soft with small smarties throughout that are super nice and addictive.



  1. Lovely post chick! A good girls night in is a must for me too, The Fault In Our Stars is one of my ultimate favs, such a weepy film but I love it! I never got the chance to pick up the Glamour magazine with Tanya on the front, I love her eye makeup look here and have been enjoying her vlogmas too. I like to read magazines also, my favs are Elle and Look. Fun post, sending Christmas cheer your way! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. I love the fault in our stars, especially on a girls night. Me too, Tanya is such a great person. Thank you! Merry Christmas x