Battle of the Bronzers

If you have seen my makeup collection post (click here to read) then you will know that I have
a lot of bronzers/contour powders. Bronzers and contour powders are definetly my favourite 
makeup product. I think this is because I am quite pale so I love to add some extra colour and
some more definition and shape to my face. I didn't realise until I was getting products 
for this post that I have very few bronzers compared to contour shades.

Maybelline mastersculpt contour palette: light medium - This was a product that I decided to pick up because it was a new release that everyone was talking about and I was interested in trying it out for myself. As I am really fair I decided to pick it up in light medium as I didn't want it to be too dark. However when I tried it out it was super light, that you can barely see it on my skin and the highlight isn't the best. Despite this it applied smoothly on the skin and didn't cling to any of the dry patches on my skin. This can be found at Boots for around £6.99. Overall I would give this a 8/10.

Bourjois poudre bronzante: 51 - I think that this was one of the first ever bronzers I purchased after hearing about it from youtuber and blogger Brogantatexo. I picked mine up in shade 51 which is the lighter one out of them all. I think the reason that this is so loved by others and by me is because for a drugstore product that is easily accessible it is super good quality. It has great pigmentation without being too dirty looking on the skin whilst both blending and applying super smoothly and easily. This can also be found at Boots for around £7.99. Overall I would give this a 9/10.

Rimmel sun shimmer: light matte - I think this might be my all time favourite bronzer that I own. This is because it comes in 3 shades in 2 different finishes for all different skin tones whilst being super wearable. I have the shade light matte as I'm not the biggest fan of shimmery bronzers on my skin and it is the shade that suits my skin the best. I wear this every time I wear makeup without fail as it super wearable and gives the right amount of colour without being too overpowering or dirty looking. This can be found in Boots, Superdrug, online and even in Supermarkets for around £5.60. Overall I would give this bronzer a 10/10.

The body shop honey bronzer: 01 light matte - I had heard so many good things about the Body Shop's cosmetics especially their honey bronzer, so I decided to try it out for myself in the shade light matte as it was the shade that looked like it would suit my skin the best. I love this as for my skin it can be used lightly as a bronzer or more intense as a contour. It has a beautiful soft finish when on the skin. This can be found only from the Body Shop for around £13. Overall I would give this bronzer a 10/10.


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