2015 Beauty Favourites

2015 has just flew by yet when I think of it as a whole I can't remember much of what has 
happened. Every month I do a monthly favourites talking about my favourite products of that 
month. However instead of doing a December favourites I decided I would 
do a 2015 beauty and non-beauty favourites. This is going to be my beauty favourites and 
on Thursday is going to be my non-beauty favourites for the year.

Revlon colourstay foundation - I think this has got to be my all time favourite beauty product of this year. I think I did use this last year too but I have really fallen in love with it in 2015. I love the coverage it gives, along with the finish and lasting power. I think that most of you will know how much I love this as it has been mentioned a lot on my blog within the past year. 

MUA pro-base fixing mist - This is a setting spray that is from MUA which can be found in Superdrug for only £5. I decided to purchase this because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a high end makeup fixing spray that this could do the same thing for. I can't remember the last time that I didn't use this when I was wearing makeup. I was skeptical when trying this at first as I wasn't sure if it would break me out but it has quickly become an essential step in my makeup routine and a product that I love.

MUA english rose moasic blush - It seems like I haven't gone a day without this product in my makeup collection. This is my favourite blush that I own and I love it that much that I use it nearly everyday. It has different shades throughout it including; peach, purple, champagne and pink. When mixed together it creates a beautiful natural rosy glow to the cheeks that looks great with every makeup look.

Natural Collection lash build mascara - I think that nearly all of you will know how much I truly love this mascara. Before trying this I couldn't get a mascara that was doing what it was claiming to do. I mainly went to Natural Collection for lipsticks but I decided to pick this up one day and I have never looked back. It is both lengthening and volumising without being clumpy and only costing £2.

Tanya Burr Hollywood eye palette - I ordered this palette online the morning that it came out and when it arrived with the others I put them in my makeup collection and sort of forgot that I had them. I started using this when Tanya uploaded a makeup tutorial using this and I instantly became hooked. I love using this around this time of the year because it has copper and gold shades which goes amazingly with a Christmas look.

MUA eye shadow pearl shade 1 - I've loved MUA eye shadows since I first started my makeup collection, but this shade in particular is my all time favourite. I find it really hard to find the perfect inner corner and brow bone highlight that isn't too sheer or isn't too harsh and stark white. This is the perfect shade for me as it has the right amount of shimmer that has the right undertone for me as well as being only £1.

Essence 11 in the nude lip liner - This year I have really gotten into lip liners and I think I found out that my favourite brand of lip liners is Essence. They are super creamy, easy to apply and only £1. I have nearly all of the shades that are available closest to me but my favourite shade by far is 11 in the nude. This is because it is the perfect everyday nude shade that goes great with my MAC velvet teddy lipstick.

MAC velvet teddy lipstick - This lipstick was by far the hardest makeup product for me to track down. Obviously this is known as the Kylie Jenner lipstick which is why it was out of stock for so long. So when it came in stock on the MAC website I immediately bought it. This is a brown matte shade that is still a neutral shade that can be worn everyday because of the brown shade. If you would like to read a more in depth review then you can click here.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge - The beauty blender has been a big staple is a lot of beauty gurus makeup routine. However I didn't want to spend £16 on a sponge that either might not work or I wouldn't like, so when I saw that Real Techniques had came out with a makeup sponge for around £5.99 I definetly wanted to try it. What I love about this sponge is that is has a pointed tip, a round edge and a flat edge which are all great for getting into the sides of your nose and underneath your eyes as well as getting a flawless look.

Batiste dry shampoo - I think this product is a must have favourite item in everyone's daily routine. I personally love this because it really does do what it claims and absorbs the excess oils in your hair compared to other brands. I also like this because it comes in a range of scents, different volumes and is also suited for both blondes and brunettes.

Garnier micellar water - This year I have really gotten into taking care of my skin more. I used to use face wipes and I thought that they were working for my skin, however when I tried this I knew that they were definitely not. I have mine for sensitive skin as my skin can get super red when I use certain products. I love this for taking of my face makeup thoroughly without having to use multiple products.

No7 cleansing brush - For such a long time now everyone has been using types of electric cleansing brushes for makeup removal. However I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that might not agree with my skin or I might not even use. When I saw that No7 had released there own version I knew that I had to try it and I don't regret that decision at all. I didn't actually realise how bad my skin was until I started using this. I particularly love this because it really gets deep into the skin removing all the makeup that other products might not, without causing any sort of reaction.

Clean and Clear treatment face wash - Believe it or not I never used to use a face wash, despite using a lot of makeup and wearing it nearly everyday. This year I decided that I would try one but I find the amount of skincare products available to be quite overwhelming. I decided to pick this one up and I have repurchased this 3 times now as it works best with my skin and the cleansing brush. This helps to reduce spots without drying your skin out within the first 3 days of using this, which is true for my skin.


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