2015 Non-Beauty Favourites

2015 has just flew by yet when I think of it as a whole I can't remember much of what 
has happened. Every month I do a monthly favourites talking about my favourite
products of that month. However instead of doing a December favourites I decided I would 
do a 2015 beauty and non-beauty favourites. This is my non-beauty favourites for 
the year and on Tuesday I did my beauty favourites.

Elanor & Park - This year I have bought more books than I care to admit, however (shamefully) I haven't read that much. Despite of this I did read a lot on holiday (and actually bought more books whilst there) and this was one of them. This might sound a bit dorky to some of you but I spent a whole day inside the apartment reading this instead of going to the pool. This is a rom-com book, that is more suited to a younger audience but it is such a light easy read. If you like John Green's book and form of writing you will love this.

Of Mice and Men - This might sound like another weird thing that I would consider my favourite as it is a book that a lot of people read in high school. When I first read this I couldn't get into it and I absolutely hated this however after I saw the film, I fell in love with the whole story line and everything about it. I'm not going to give away what happens but if you want a book about friendship but might make you cry this is a great book for you.

Personal planner - If any of you are like me then you have a serious obsession for stationery. I have bought so many different planners and I always end up forgetting about them or getting too stressed out by the format of it. As I love watching planner videos, I was watching one when I stumbled across someone who had a planner from personal-planner.com. I personally love this as you can choose different layouts and things to have in your planner that are suited and great for your life. For a more in depth review click here.

Heart necklace - Last November my mom got married and as a present for being a bridesmaid she gave me a silver heart diamante necklace. I have worn this everyday since then and it has hands down been my favourite jewelry item. Unfortunately the chain has recently broke but I can't wait until I can wear it again!

Pretty Little Liars - I don't think I can express enough how much I love this show. I had actually seen half of the first season last year I think but at the time I found it quite scary for some unknown reason! This year I decided to start watching it again as everyone had talked about it. I actually loved this show so much that I watched it in an embarrassing amount of time. Since then I have actually re-watched the series twice and I am currently waiting for it to come back on to see the 5 year forward jump.

We're the Millers - I love watching films despite that I don't actually watch many. A few months ago I watched We're the Millers, with Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts and Jason Sudeikis. I'm not going to give anything away but this film is about a drug dealer who needs to find a fake family. I wasn't sure if I would like this or not but it has became one of my favourite films mainly because of how hilarious it is.

My blog - I started my blog about a year and half ago and quickly fell out of love with it, but at the beginning of this year I decided I would really throw myself in to writing for my blog and getting content up for you all. Writing and doing my blog has given me and outlet to express myself and give opinions and reviews on things that I personally love.


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