What I Got For Christmas 2015

I cannot believe that Christmas and 2015 has gone so quickly. I love watching
and reading what I got for Christmas and What I got for my birthday tags. I did
 one of these for my birthday so I decided I would do one for Christmas.  

I'm not going to show every single item that I received, I'm just going to pick
out some items that I received that I asked for and thankfully got or 
my favourite items. However I am not trying to say that I prefer these 
items and I hate the others, these are just the items that I decided 
to share and show you all.

Firstly I just wanted to say that in no way am I trying to brag or show off 
what I got, I'm just doing this because these are my favourite types of posts
and videos. I am very grateful and fortunate for the things that I have
and the gifts that I have received this year. 


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