Evening Routine - Christmas Edition

My last evening routine was around 6 months ago, and since my last post
was a morning routine: Christmas Edition I wanted to do my evening
 routine to go alongside with that post.

The first thing that I do is get changed into some comfortable
Christmas pajamas. These ones are my favourite and they
 are in legging form from H&M.

I will then take my makeup off if I have any on. I have
done a more in depth updated evening skincare routine that
explains what steps I do and what products I use.

I'll then go and have a bath and use some lush products.
Some of my favourite lush products are; cinders, the comforter
and the golden wonder bath bomb.

Since it is Christmas I will either watch and catch up on
people's vlogmas videos or I will watch Christmas films. Today
I decided to watch quite an old one from Disney Channel
called The Ultimate Christmas Present.

Before I go to bed I will have dinner and then go and brush
my teeth. Then I'll take the cushions of my bed
and get in whist watching some Youtube videos before I
fall asleep.


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