Morning Routine - Christmas Edition

I haven't done a morning routine since June and since it is Christmas in just 3 days
 I wanted to do an updated one but make it a Christmas edition.

The first thing that I do after I wake up is lie in bed for about 20-30 minutes
and go on my phone to check social media and see what is happening
in the world. This is one of my favourite things to do when I wake up.

I'll then go and have breakfast I will also make a nice cup of tea to
go along with and warm me up in the cold winter mornings.

I'll then go back upstairs and make my bed to make 
my room look more tidy and cosy.

Then I catch on Youtube videos and other peoples vlogmas videos. I
 especially love Zoella's, Velvetghost's and Tanya Burr this Christmas.
 I also love watching different holiday and Christmas looks.

If I am going out or doing something that day then I will start getting ready and do my
 makeup. Lately I have just been using foundation, concealer, bronzer and do
my eyebrows. I will then go on to do my hair and brush my teeth 
after having breakfast, before I get ready to go out.

I will then pick out an outfit that it both comfortable, cosy and warm for 
the winter. My go to winter outfit is black skinny jeans and a cosy
jumper to make sure that I stay completley warm.

The last thing I do before going out is add some perfume. 
At the moment I am loving Lady GaGa fame perfume as it has 
a winter/spicy scent to it that is great of this time of year.


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