Saturday Strength #7

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I decided that my last Saturday strength of the year would be me reflecting 
on 2015, what has happened and what I want to happen for 2016.

The first thing that I think of when I think of 2015 is leaving high school and starting 
college. I have never really enjoyed school and I have always really struggled
with it even since primary school. When it came to me leaving high school I was
so excited to get away from the whole experience. I didn't really get along with many
people for the last 3 years of high school so I wasn't going to miss anyone. However
if I'm honest I actually miss all of my teachers over my classmates. I left high
school in May 2015 and then went to start college in September.

One of my favourite memories from 2015 is when I went on holiday in July with my 
mom, step-dad and step-sister to Peurto Rico in Gran Canaria. The best thing 
about my holiday was when I went jet skiing and para-sailing. It was very out of
my comfort zone as I'm really not an adventure person and am not a big fan of water
either. I preferred the jet skiing to the para-sailing as I have a fear of heights
however it was one of my favourite experiences from my holiday.

Another favourite memory from this year that also happened on holiday was when 
we went on a boat trip and saw around 20-30 dolphins. I've never seen a 
dolphin in the wild before and it was my most favourite experiences from my 
holiday. I've always wanted to go swimming with dolphins so to see them living and
 experiencing life in the wild was such a beautiful memory.

I also loved going to see Dirty Dancing on stage in May for my nans birthday. 
Dirty Dancing is such a good classic film that everyone has to watch at some point,
so when I found out I was going to see it on stage I was super excited. It was 
such as amazing performance from all of the cast that I actually wanted to go and
see it again! The day this is going up it is actually 2 days until I go and see Hairspray
on stage with my mom and my nan. I am super excited and cannot wait to see it.

For the new year I am looking forward to going on holiday to Cyprus as my mom has
always wanted to take me. I am also looking forward to going to London for
IMATS in June. I also hope that the new year will be better for me and 
be a happier year that holds many memories for years to come.


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