Saturday Strength #6

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Dear my future self,

I hope when you read this every thing is well and you're doing well. I wish that you have a loving partner and a beautiful family, with the house you've always shrived for. I hope you are starting to feel comfortable in yourself and slowly gain confidence. I wish you did everything you wanted to do in college and worked your way up to your dream job. I hope you don't still stress about the small stuff and get worried about things that haven't happened yet and probably wont.

I wonder what life is like now. Do people laugh about how things used to be and everything we said and did. Do people remember using 'bae' and all the slang we use now. Is Kimye and Brangelina still a thing? How is mom and nan doing? Did you ever read of the books on your bookshelf and did you start a youtube channel?

I am pre-writing this for a blog post and it is currently. 3.40 on 30th September 2015. I am sat in my pajamas and a dressing gown. As your are reading this you are probably in the same space with (hopefully) kids running around the house on a Sunday morning with your partner watching TV. I hope you're doing well.


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