New Collection Cosmetics Palettes Review

Collection cosmetics recently released 4 new palettes into their range. This include a eye, blush, 
concealer and face palette. I decided to purchase these about 3 weeks ago online as they
were all sold out in my local boots store. These range from around £4.99 - £6.99

#FaceTheDay - Out of all of the palettes I was most excited to try this one as I have never used or had a palette in which has both face and eye products. This comes with a bronzer, blush, highlighter and 4 neutral eye shadows. This palette is the most expensive one at £6.99. These are quite pigmented but not too much so that they become unwearable or hard to blend. The highlight and the blush are my favourites out of all these as they are super wearable. The only thing I dislike about this palette is the bronzer as it is very orange toned and doesn't suit my complexion, however it could also be used as a eye shadow shade in the crease.

#BlushAndGlow - This was another one of the palettes that I was most excited for mainly because I don't have that many blushers or palettes so having 2 in 1 is great and compact. This is the cheapest and most affordable out of all of them at a price of only £4.99. This comes with a bronzer, highlighter and 2 blushers which I think is particularly great for either beginners and also people who are travelling and this is super compact and is a versatile palette. I really love this palette and think that I will get a lot of use out of this. The only thing that I would change about this is the blush colours, as they are both pinks but one is light toned and the other is medium toned, and I think it would be a better palette if they had 2 different colour blushers.

#YourStyleYourMood - This was the palette that I was least interested in, as I have a lot of eye shadows and the other palettes interested me more. This palette is in the middle price range of £5.99. However I did decide to pick it up to give it a try. This palette is split into 2. One side is described as the natural side and the other is described as romantic. The natural side has highlight shade, a champagne colour along with a light, medium and dark toned brown. This is great as although it is natural is can be worn for both day and night. The romantic side includes a highlight shade, a beautiful light pink, a mauve pink, dark lavender and a dark purple shade that almost looks black. I like this palette a lot more than what I was expecting as all of the colours are super pigmented and easy to blend, along with being super wearable in both the day and the night.

#ConcealAndLightLikeAPro - This palette is one that I could either take it or leave it, mainly because I have a conceal palette already and way too many concealers already. This one is also £5.99 which makes it in the middle price bracket. This comes with 3 correcting shades, a pearl toned shade and 4 concealer shades. These are all super creamy and cover really nicely without being too thick or too light weight. The 4 concealer shades that are included are more catered towards people with a medium complexion, so unfortunately I will find it really difficult to find a concealer shade that matches with me and my complexion.


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