Makeup Tips For Beginners

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I wanted to do a post on makeup tips for beginners as I thought that it would
be useful for people who are getting into makeup, as this would have been helpful
when I started wearing makeup.

1. Don't match your foundation to your face. Match it to your neck 
by testing the foundation on your jaw line.

2. Use foundation before concealer. Concealer is used to cover up the
imperfections that the foundation hasn't. If you put it on before 
foundation it is most likely that your face will look cakey 
and you will have wasted product.

3. If you are using cream products don't use them over powders, 
they will cake up and sit on top of your skin and look cakey.

4. If you have dark hair your eyebrows can be up to 2 shades
lighter than your hair. If you have light hair your eyebrows 
can be 2 shades darker than your hair.

5. Less is more. The more products you put on your face
the faker and more cakey it is going to look. The less 
you put on, is going to look better, sit on your skin better and
have a better and more effective look.

6. If you are going to overdraw your lips, do it subtlety and follow
your natural lip line. Make sure they line up together 
at the corner of your mouth. If you overdraw your lips
too much or draw a new lip line then it will make it look like
you have clown lips.

7.  If you have fair skin nudes and pinks will suit you best. 
For medium toned skin use berry shades and
mauve's. On darker skin browns, caramels and pops
of colour will suit your skin tone best.

8. If you have fairer skin, use a grey toned contour powder
as it will look and create a more natural shadow.

9. Use light upwards strokes from the bottom of your
brow to make them look more natural. The darkest part
of your brow should be at the end and the lightest
part at the front of the brow.

10. When wearing a red make sure it is the right one for 
your skin. For warmer skin tones warmer reds will be your 
best match. For cooler skin tones a cool toned red
will for best for you. 


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