Top 5 Youtuber Books

Youtuber books have been all the rage for the past year, with a whole variety of 
youtubers bringing them out. I have quite a few and I wanted to share my top 5 with you all.
I also thought this would be a great idea to see if they will be good for Christmas presents.

Love Tanya (Tanya Burr) - This book is what I would describe as a coffee table book, mainly because it is a book that you could pick up and read any part and it would still be a simple easy read. This has a variety of chapters ranging from her childhood, skincare, makeup, hair and nails, fashion, love, life, baking, happiness and even her tips on youtube. I personally love this as it is a simple read but it is also super girly and informative.

The Pointless Book (Alfie Deyes) - I would describe this book as a scrapbook that is similar to a wreck this journal. This is definetly a creative book rather than a story/novel type. This is another one of those books in which you can turn to any page and do that then put it back down. This has pages that include doing challenges, journal entries, drawing and many more. This book also comes along with an app in which you can get for free from the apple/play store and can be used on pages that have a phone picture in the corner.

The Pointless Book 2 (Alfie Deyes) - This is the follow up book to the first Pointless book and is very similar to that one. Again this is like a wreck this journal or scrapbook type book which can be done when you have a spare 5 minutes or an hour. These includes pages ranging from; writing about you, challenges and small games. This also comes with a free app that can also be used on pages with a phone picture on.

 A Work in Progress (Connor Franta) - This book is what I would describe as both a photography and story book. This is all about Connors life and includes stories from his child and adulthood. This book is mainly talked about for his amazing photography skills shown all throughout the book. This is also described as a 'tumblr' book, mainly for it's artsy images. This would be great for people who are interested in funny stories and great photographs.

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) - This book hasn't been out that long and I already love it. This is a book all out about Louise's life that has a variety of chapters ranging from; beauty, arts and crafts, bullying and even love. Throughout this she gives her tips and tricks that she has learnt along with her own personal stories from her adult and childhood. This is also what I would describe as a coffee table book because it can be picked up at any random chapter/page and it would be an easy read. This is great for the girly people in your life that love reading stories about other peoples tips, tricks and experiences in life.


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