Night Routine

My night routine is pretty basic. I don't do anything that extravagant or fancy. 
The first thing I do is get changed out of my normal or school clothes and put on something comfy.
I also tie my hair up and get it all out of my face as the weather is getting hotter.

I then remove my makeup. It's the nicest feeling to have a clean fresh face with no makeup.
It helps me to feel more relaxed and less clogged up. These are just a few products
that I use to remove my makeup at night, but I have an updated nighttime skincare routine
that I will be uploading shortly.

On the day that I was taking these photos, I had started watching gossip girl again a few months
ago and only had one episode left so I decided to watch that. I also decided to 
sort out my blog posts and plan some upcoming posts for the future.

At this point I would eat dinner and then brush my teeth. But I am not a fan of 
'food pics.' so I decided not too include that. However on this specific day I just had a 
quick pizza as it was easy to cook and really tasty!

The last thing in my night routine is take the cushions of my bed and make sure
it is just how I like it and all cosy ready for bed.


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