Saturday Strength #1

Body image is something everyone struggles with, both men and women. Some people more than others.
Even if we love our bodies, there is usually something whether it is small or large that we
would want to change about how we look.

We live in a world wear there is millions of different body shapes, but there is only really
one body shape that is advertised and portrayed as acceptable.

Young people nowadays read magazines and log onto social media to see a person around their
age whom is fit, slim and healthy. We look at pictures like that and think that we
need to look that specific way, because we believe that is the only acceptable way to look.

What we all need to remember is that although that person we admire and look up to, has the
body that we love and want they might not be happy in themselves. They might want to be a bit bigger
or hate a certain part of themselves that you love. Being slim doesn't make a person happy.

Having a better body might not make you happier or more confident than you are now, it could
actually make you feel less confident. Don't change the way you look to please society
or someone you like. Stay true to who you are. If you want to change your body that is ok, but do
it for yourself and for all the right reasons. Love who you are and stray true to yourself.

Workout to be healthy not be skinny.


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