Morning Routine

My morning routine starts of later than what I would like it, but when I do eventually wake up my bed
is always without a fail in a ball of mess and it's always super light outside.
The first thing I do is check social media like instagram and snapchat.

Once I finally decide to get up I make my bed as I find if I don't then it makes my room look out of
place and super messy. I then turn my laptop on and catch up on youtube videos, this day
I was watching Shirley B. Eniang. I have recently started the Charlotte
Crosby 3 minute workout DVD after having it and not using it for months. 

I then decide it is time to do my makeup, and these are just a few of the many products that
I choose to use. I will also do my hair at this point but I just put it into a ponytail.
The last thing I will do is pick out my clothes for the day. Today I was going for Afternoon
Tea with my mom and my nan for my nans birthday, so I wore a white bodysuit from
Boohoo and some floral cigarette trousers from Dorothy Perkins.


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