May Favourites

Once again I haven't tried this many new products again this month that I have loved. The main
reason for that is because I left school this month and my exams have started so I've been busy
revising for them. However I thought I would share the 4 products that I have been loving.

Bourjois CC Cream - I mentioned this product in my lazy day makeup routine earlier this week. It is possibly the best product that I have used as it is super light weight, but also full coverage. It is super easy to blend but looks flawless on the skin.

Maybelline Brow Drama - I got my eyebrows tinted last week, so I haven't had to fill them in as much or sometimes even at all, so I've been using this as it super easy to apply when I'm in a rush in the morning.

Balance Eye Cream - This is the third or fourth tube of this that I have used. It claims to have extracts of snake venom in it, however even if it doesn't it is an amazing product. It is super moisturizing and also helps reduce and prevent wrinkles, laughter lines and creasing under the eyes.

Finacea Cream - Sadly this product can't be bought from a local pharmacy or shop but I wanted to include it anyway. I went to the doctors because I have acne prone skin that scars really easily, and he prescribed me this. I've only been using this for about 2 weeks but I have already noticed such a massive difference. If you have skin like mine, I would recommend asking your doctor about trying this to see if it works for your skin.


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