Why Blogging?

Blogging is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I have actually had a few blogs in the past but never stuck with it. I made the decision to start this blog last summer. I absolutely  loved it at first but I slowly faded out love with it. However come new year, I wanted a fresh start and to start blogging again. Since then I have been hooked and cannot wait for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to upload a new blog post.

I love to read other blogs posts, reviews and opinions. It allows me to get a perspective from different points of view, whilst learning about beauty and fashion at the same time. I always wanted to start a youtube channel but I knew that it wasn't the right time, as I am still a student studying my GCSE's and about to soon sit my exams. 

Beauty and fashion as been a passion of mine since as early as I could remember. I don't even know how I go into it as my mom has always been laid and have a more casual approach on beauty and fashion, along with the rest of the women in my family. I decided to start blogging because I wanted to give my opinion and share my advice and tips on beauty, fashion and the occasional lifestyle posts. 

I can honestly say that blogging has been one of my favourite things to do. I find it a way to escape from the drama and from reality and give me chance to express and talk about what I love the most. Blogging has allowed to me express apart of me that I am not too confident in.

If you are thinking of starting a blog to talk about beauty, fashion, food, nature, pets or anything that you feel passionate about then do it. If you want to write about things that you love, then you shouldn't let anybody stand in your way. If people find out then don't stop, doing something you love because somebody else doesn't like it. Not everybody is going to love what you do, but not everybody is going to hate what you do either. Write a post, start a blog, do what you want to do because you want to do it.


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