Small Lush Haul

I originally went  into lush to have a look at their valentines day collection. It being
just my luck there wasn't anything. So I decided to get some things
that I wanted to pick up for a while.

I picked up the tea tree toner water, which is good for oily or spot prone skin. I have actually had this before but I had the smaller bottle, and that lasted me about 6 months so I decided to pick up the larger bottle as I am in love with. 

I've heard so many good things about the no drought dry shampoo, and I have wanted to try it for so long. I picked up the smaller bottle as it looks like it will last a long time as it is all powder and not an aerosol can, which is also better for your hair.

The space girl bath baslistic is one of my favourite bath bombs from lush. I haven't tried a lot of them but out of the ones that I have tried this one is my favourite. It has a very strong scent and to me I think it smells quite a lot like parma violets. I believe this is a newer formula or design because the last one I had was a plain light people when this now has an orange/red dusting on the top and contains popping candy.

One of my first purchases from lush were the tea tree toner tabs, and although I weren't really using them properly I loved how they left my skin feeling. You draw a bowl of hot but not boiling water and drop a tab in, place you head over but not in the bowl and drape a towel over your head to steam and cleanse the skin.

Tea tree water 250g - £7.95
No drought 50g - £3.95
Space girl bath bomb - £2.35
Tea tree toner tabs - £1 each



  1. I'd love to try the Lush bath bombs! Great post, Lea-Mai! Congrats with the new purchases :)

  2. Thank you, I really want to try the sex bomb bath bomb because of the petals at the top!!