Flawless Face Routine

A flawless face routine is an essential makeup look that I have. I use this when I go out for events or if it is a special occasion (like today; Valentines Day). This is all drugstore except for the primer, but the Maybelline baby skin primer is a great dupe.

The first step to get a flawless base is obviously primer. The Benefit Porefessional primer minimizes the look of pores and evens out the skin, this will also work to hold down and keep on your face makeup longer. This can be found in a variety of shops for £24.50. The next step that I like to do is use 3 different toned concealer.  The purple concealer targets to minimizes the look of dark circles underneath your eyes, the yellow concealer provides an even coverage and the green concealer is used on spots, scaring or redness to neutralize the skin. The purple and yellow concealer are both from W7 and I purchased mine from amazon for £2.99 and the green concealer is from Natural Collection and can be found in boots for £1.99.

The next step is to use a full coverage foundation to get a flawless appearance. I use the Revlon Colourstay for normal to dry skin in shade 150 buff which can be found at boots for £12.49. I do also have the Mac studio fix foundation in NC20 but I wanted to keep this easy and affordable to achieve. This foundation provides a full-coverage flawless base, without looking cakey or too thick. I use this everyday that I wear makeup and it doesn't go patchy or start to oxidise and looks the same as when it was first applied.

I absolutely love the whole Kim Kardashian contour and highlight look, and to achieve the whole highlight look I like to use Rimmel wake me up concealer (that can be found in boots or superdrug for £5.49) in a triangle shape underneath my eyes to provide a uplifting affect. This has an anti-fatigue affect to give a radiant glow. I use this concealer on the high points of my face such as the top of my nose, cupids bow, chin, the middle of my forehead and underneath my eyes.

The next step I do is set my concealer with the under-eye setting powder from the W7 secret concealer kit, to make sure that my concealer is set and doesn't move or crease throughout the day. I purchased mine from amazon for £2.99. The last and final step I do is set my whole face using the ELF tone correcting powder, that can be purchased from the ELF website for £3.95 from their studio range. This is a 4 toned powder that has a yellow, blue, green and pink shade. The tones in this powder when mixed together provide a even coverage along the skin and doesn't leave you looking powdery or cakey throughout the day.

I do use this routine on an everyday basis with the exception of a few products, but I personally like to have a full-coverage makeup look all the time. However this can be used whenever needed or on an everyday basis like me. These products work for me and my skin type and some of these products might not work for your skin or your requirements.


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