The 90's Nude

The 90's might have come and go but they are still in trend. However they are starting to 
fade, everybody is still in love and doing the 90's nude or also known as the Kylie Jenner 
nude. I am one of those people and I am in love with the whole dark nude/dark 
brown lip as the 90's is one of my favourite era's.

To achieve the perfect 90's nude I start of by using a lip liner. The best lip liner I have found is the essence lip liner in 'in the nude'. The colour of this is the perfect shade, not too dark or too light and the formula is so creamy it applies on perfectly without dragging or drying out your lips but it doesn't slip and slide all over the place or start to bleed outside of the lines.

There are a variety of dark nudes that I have and that I love but the best one I have found is the natural collection moisture shine lipstick in cedar. This is the perfect shade, it's not too brown or too red but looks beautiful on the lips. The shape of this lipstick is so easy to apply and allows you to get the perfect edging and shape around the edge of your lips and on the cupids bow.

Once I have applied both the lip liner and the lipstick I use the essence lip liner in transparent. This can be used in multiple ways - to use underneath any lipstick to top it from bleeding or how I like to use it. I like to use this after my lipstick and go along the outside of my lips to create a sharp edge and make the lips stand out and look perfect. A lot of people like to use concealer along the outside of the lips but I find that it can look quite cakey and non-natural, so I use a transparent lip liner as it is simple and easy to blend.

This is the best combination that I have found as they are both moisturizing but neither slippery or cakey looking. Both of the essence lip liners can be found at Wilkinsons for £1 each. The natural collection moisture shine lipstick can be found at boots for £1.99.


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