Top 4 Face Masks

Face masks are definitely my favourite skincare product out of them all, but finding a good face mask that works for your skin and does what it's supposed to is quite hard.

De-stressing aloe vera mud mask -  This is the most intense face mask out of them all, and it really clears and gets rid of all of the bad toxins from deep in your skin. However the only bad thing about this is that it leaves your skin quite red afterwards, but it goes down within 10 minutes. This is enriched with aloe vera which helps to replenish the skin for a soft and radiant complexion. This is targeted towards people who have normal to combination skin, but I personally think that this would work for all skin types, apart from if you really sensitive skin as it could leave your skin quite irritated and flared. This can be found at superdrug for £2.59.

3 minute clay mask - This is my overall favourite face mask as I think it works the best, it doesn't leave your skin red and you can see intimidate results. This says to only use for 3 minutes, but I apply an even layer all over my face and wash it off once it is set and completely dried as I think that creates better and more noticeable results. This contains cucumber extracts which helps soothe and soften the skin and this is targeted towards all skin types so this is great for everybody! This can be found in boots for £1.99.

Mask of magnaminty - This face mask I think is one of the most refreshing out of them all as although it is a thick chunky texture it feels really light on the skin. This contains peppermint oil, marigold oil and chlorophyllin which help to treat the skin along with thoroughly cleanse and clear the skin whilst leaving the skin feeling calm and rejuvenated. This also contains ingredients which stimulate the blood cells underneath the skin surface, which leaves the skin looking bright and refreshed. This can be found at lush for £5.50 or £9.75.

Snake venom face mask - This is the face mask that I was most shocked by. The reason for this is because it is quite a thick texture but when applied to the skin it very thin and light, once dried it goes clear (almost like it has soaked into your skin) and it doesn't feel like it is working. However after I removed this mask I was shocked to see that it has gently toned, purified and refreshed my skin just like it had said. This contains natural clay, syn-ake and moisturizing agent along with orange oil. All of this targets to soften the skin, add moisture and refresh the skin. This can be found from fragrance direct for £2.50.

All of these face masks work in different ways but leave the skin feeling clear and refreshed. To apply my face masks I use a clean un-used foundation brush as I think it distributes the product evenly, and I usually leave my face masks on for a minimum of about 15 minutes but I try to leave them on until they have dried as they usually work and cleanse the skin better when left to dry. I have normal-dry skin but please keep in mind that although these products work for my skin type they might not work for your skin.


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