Evening Skincare Routine

My evening skincare is probably the thing that I look forward to most in the day. I find it so calming and relaxing to do, and I also like having a fresh face.

The first thing that I do in my evening skincare routine is remove my eye makeup using the Garnier express 2 in 1 eye makeup remover. This contains ultra-efficient ad is enriched with arginine, which removes the eye makeup, including waterproof, really easily without leaving the black ring outside of your eyes, doesn't feel greasy and protects your eyelashes. I also remove my face makeup using the Garnier micellar cleansing water, which is great for sensitive skin as it contains no perfume. I like using both of these on large cotton pads, and I use 1 for each eye and 2 for my face and they remove my makeup so easily and leave my eyes and face feeling clean and refreshed.

I then use the nspa revitalizing vitamin toning mist, by spraying this onto a cotton pad and gently using this all over my face avoiding my eyes. This contains witch hazel and essential oil of neroli, which leaves the skin feeling soothed, refreshed and looking more awake and brightened. Afterwards I will use my eye gel from boots essential brand to reduce puffiness and the balance eye cream to moisturize and reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags around the eye area.

I then wash my face using the witch gentle exfoliating face wash. This contains natural micro-granules that will get into the depth of your pores and thoroughly cleanse them. This leaves my skin looking clear, smooth and refreshed. After I have washed my face I like to leave my skin for about 30 minutes before using my simple kind to skin vital vitamin night cream. This contains SPF 15, 2 vitamins, 4 skin loving ingredients and 0 artificial perfumes or colours, which leaves the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and replenished. The last step I do in my evening skincare routine is use rescue oil on my acne scars and dark spots on my face. This has ingredients in which reduce the look and appearance of scars.

I tend to pamper my skin 2-3 times a week and when I do so I use and apricot scrub, face mask and sudocrem. By using the apricot scrub is removes all of the extra dirt, and blackheads out of my skin leaving my face with a smooth base. This face mask is the most intense one that I own. It is from superdrug and it contain aloe vera. Once I remove this it does leave my skin quite red, but that is only because of how intense and clarifying it is. However saying this, I would only recommend using this once a week as it is so intense. After my face mask I will apply some sudocrem on my problem areas or where I have dark spots and scars, as it is a healing cream that helps target scaring and acne.

I have normal to dry skin with dark spots and scaring and please keep in mind that although these products work for my skin type they might not work for your skin.


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