Adjusting to life as a single mom

Photo: Adie Livingstone Photography

Theres a lot of things that I've wanted throughout my life and have been very fortunate enough to achieve, 
from small and materialistic things to yearly goals and having my own family. Something that I never 
wanted and never expected to happen was being a single mom. I often romanticise my life but in the 
aspect of a movie with a white picket fence, 2 children a dog and parents in love, but life isn't a movie. 

I still lust after that 'perfect' family lifestyle and I'm ok with that because there will be a day where I'm not 
alone and when I not only have the relationship I want but one that my son can look up to, and I hope my 
son gets that from hid dad also because thats what he deserves. I'm a big believer in everything happens 
for a reason, and sometimes people don't work out and the relationship is better off when the parties are 
separated. There were a lot of factors that went into my breakup, which I won't discuss as that is still the 
father of my son and I will not talk ill of him online. 

Adjusting to being a single mom has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Being a parent is the hardest 
job that someone will ever do, but it is even harder when experiencing it alone. Not only are you the 
default parent but you go from splitting the parenting load to being the sole provider, entertainer, parent, 
friend, teacher and so much more. There is never time to rest or a day off when you are a single parent. 

Parenting is the most rewarding job and getting to wake up every morning to see my sons smile is truly 
the best feeling in the world but there are hard times that feel harder when are alone. Instead of battling the 
struggles and hard times together, it solely falls on you. When you are having a bad day you have no 
option but to put on a smile and act like everything is ok. You get physically tired but emotionally tired 
too, which takes the biggest toll on you. As a single parent you miss out on a lot and don't get that time to be selfish or free.

Although I am happier being single and wanted to be, as my relationship wasn't right and I wasn't going 
to stay in a relationship that didn't work just for the sake of it, doesn't make the fact that doing this alone
 is the hardest thing I have faced and will face and will always be something that I'm adjusting too as parenting is constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of your child and do what is best for them, because you have their childhood in your hands.



  1. You are doing an amazing job and you have done the right thing for both of you by taking steps to ensure your happiness. I parent with my husband and still struggle to get any me-time, sometimes it's a battle just to get a shower in peace so I can't imagine how tough it must be to do it all singlehadedly. I take my hat off to you!

    1. Thank you! Unless you are a parent it's difficult to express how much of a challenge it is. It's worth it the end x

  2. You are an amazing mum and an amazing and beautiful person. Don't you ever forget that. You are doing a fantastic job and you should be proud of yourself. xx

  3. You're doing an incredible job lovely and you should be so proud of yourself! x

    Lucy Mary

  4. That sounds so tough but I'm sure you are kicking ass at it!

    Corinne x

  5. You're doing an amazing job! I have a friend going through the same thing. She said it's been incredibly tough and it took her quite a while to leave, but now she's somewhat out of the other side, knowing that everything she's doing is for her daughter fills her with so much pride. You should be so proud of yourself! X

    1. It's so hard, but I've always said I'd rather my son have 2 happy parents who aren't together than 2 parents who are together and unhappy. He always comes first! x