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 This is a product only AD with Poster Store

As mentioned previously I am very house proud. As I do have OCD everything has a place in my home, 
it is always tidy and organised and I have been known to get upset over things being out of place. Since I 
moved out I've worked on making my house a home, and I am pretty much there. There are still things 
that I want to change and add but I am very happy with how my home looks. with is the posters I have 
especially my Poster Store prints.

One of the newest changes I made to my home was adding 2 large posters from Poster Store to my 
bedroom. Adding prints to any room in your home immediately gives it a new light of life and adds 
an extra touch of your personality. My house is very neutral as I enjoy having a light and refreshing 
home that makes me feel calm. I wanted to keep the theme in my bedroom too. 

Poster Store is the perfect way to update your home without doing a full makeover. Poster Store 
offer thousands of affordable art and prints, suitable for each and every room in your home as well 
as the option to get them framed. If you are struggling for inspiration but know you want some 
prints, Poster Store have a gallery wall and shop Instagram option where you can buy pre-made 
print selections to help get that perfect look for your home. 

I decided to opt forth 70x100cm prints to accentuate the space and bring it all together. The prints 
themselves are simple and give fit perfectly with the theme of our bedroom. I love how neutral they 
are but still a statement piece in the room, giving a calming vibe to the space. 

Use code 'LMCARTER' for 40% off posters (exc. selection posters) until April 16th.

Do you have any prints from Poster Store? What did you choose? 


This is an product only AD in partnership with Poster Store. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I love Poster Store, all the framed posters in my bedroom are from Poster Store. I love the designs you have chosen here, the One Line Art posters are some of my favourites from their website x

    Lucy Mary

  2. I love what you've picked. They look lovely above the bed. We've got a gallery wall In the office full of brightly coloured poster store prints. The quality is so lovely.


    1. Thank you! A lot of the prints around my home are Poster Store and I love them x

  3. Oh I absolutely love the ones you've chosen!
    Amy x

  4. I LOVE Poster Store.. I fancy updating my hallway photos this Spring so I'm gonna do some shopping!

    1. Can't go wrong, especially with the amount of options they have x