What I expect in a relationship

 The word 'expect' has quite a strong meaning. I don't like to expect things, especially when in a 
relationship, because it puts pressure on things as you are requiring someone else to do something for you. 
Relationships are hard work and when you add in expectation and requirements they can get very messy, 
very fast. However, I do think there are certain things that I do expect when in a relationship in order for it 
to thrive and be at it's best for you. The expectations I have don't just apply to the man or other person in 
the relationship, but also to myself.

Communication is, what I believe is, the biggest factor in a relationship. Without communication you 
don't and won't understand or know each others wants, needs, like, dislikes, concerns. Communication 
allows you to talk about everything that is positive in the relationship and work through the negative. It 
allows you to get to know each other on a personal and intimate level. Communication doesn't mean 
talking about your daily activities, even though that is still important, it means opening up and becoming 
vulnerable with another person. 

Respect is basic and expected in all relationships. Having respect for one another as an individual but 
also as a unit. Respecting the relationship as a whole and how you work together. It is the freedom of 
being able to do what you want and love without fearing that the other person will act out. 

Trust goes hand in hand with respect. Without trust, a relationship won't work for long. You need to 
have trust within yourself, but mainly within the other person that they won't go behind your back, lie or 
disrespect you. Trust allows you to feel safe within that relationship and have confidence that they won't 
betray or hurt you. Trust that they will be open and honest with you. 

Kindness should be expected in any relationship, whether that be sexual, romantic, friends, family or 
colleagues. Kindness doesn't mean that you have to be overly complimentary and affectionate towards 
someone, but instead being generous, thankful, appreciative and compassionate. Kindness is the act of 
being selfless and putting someone else before yourself.

Support is so important in order to feel valued and equal. Support is mainly emotionally, and can relate 
to how you are currently feeling, have felt previously, past and present trauma, work, friends and family. 
Support is making someone else feel vacated and accepted with what they are expressing, rather than 
belittle, shut out, unloved and unworthy.  



  1. I agree with all of this. And I think it's great you mentioned different types of relationships too rather than just romantic ones. The only thing I'd add onto the list is equality - In terms of effort, what's expected and teamwork etc. Hope you and baby are doing well! X

    1. Thank you! Relationships come in all different forms, easy to forget about the ones that aren't romantic x

  2. Love this post and totally agree with every point whatever the relationship!
    Amy x

    1. Thank you! Sets the base for the relationship x

  3. I agree with you on all of this. Support and encouragement are big ones for me. I love my husband more than anything and I love our relationship.


    1. There's definitely other things that play huge parts in relationships but these are none negotiable x

  4. All the things you mentioned here are key to a good and healthy relationship! x

    Lucy Mary