YA romance books perfect for Valentines Day

With the season of love being among us, what better time that now to read a truly cheesy rom-com. 
Young adult books are my favourite and you can't go wrong with a good lovey-dovey romance, so the 
two together are perfect. There are thousands of YA romance books available, however I wanted to 
recommend those that I've actually read and really enjoyed, rather than those which I wish to read!

Stella likes to be in control, even though her out of control lungs put her in the hospital for most of her 
life. What she needs to control most is keeping herself away from infections and jeopardise her chance 
of a lung transplant. Six feet apart at all times. The only thing Will wants to be in control of is getting 
out of hospital. With no care about treatments or new drug trials. Soon to be 18 and turn off his machines 
and travel the world. Will is exactly what Stella needs to stay away from. The only way to stay alive is 
to stay apart. But soon six feet apart starts to sound like punishment rather than safety.  

Nick and Charlie are at the same school but they've never met. Until one day when they're made to 
sit together. Quickly becoming friends Charlie finds himself falling for Nick, hard, even though he 
thinks he doesn't stand a chance. But, love works in mysterious ways and Nick is more interested in 
Charlie than either of them realised. 

Lara Jeans keeps handwritten love notes in a box from her mother. Pouring her heart and soul into them, 
saying things she'd never say in real life, knowing they're never going to be posted. That is until one day 
when they're secretly mailed and her love life goes from imaginary to out of control.

Nadia gets the train every morning at 7.30 without fail. Well unless she oversleeps or wakes up at her 
friends house after a little too much wine. Daniel really does get the 7.30 train every morning, which 
is easy because he hasn't really slept properly since his dad died. A post it in the daily paper catches 
Nadia's eyes one morning. Soon starts a not-quite-romance of near misses, true love and the power of 
the written word. Putting into true question 'what if you almost missed the love of your life?' 

Ollie and Will were a summer fling, but now they are classmates. The problem; only one of them is 
'out'. Will is a class clown, basketball jock and a bit of a jerk. Ollie is going to spend his time pining 
after someone who isn't ready for a relationship. They find themselves constantly being thrown together 
and Ollie quickly finds himself needing to make a choice. The last time he gave Will his heart, he 
returned it battled and tampered. Is it a smart decision for him to give it away again? Simon VS The 
Homo Sapiens Agenda meets a modern day, queer retelling of Grease.

Every year Isobel spends Summer at her favourite place in the world, The Fisher's Beach House. It 
has everything a girl could ever want; a swimming pool, private sandy beach, and not 1 but 2 very cute 
boys. Unavailable Conrad, who she's been in love with forever and friendly Jeremiah, the only one 
who's ever really paid her any attention. But this year something is different. The boys actually start 
to notice Isobel for the first time, making this a Summer she'll never forget! 

Frank Li is a high school senior living in Southern California. With his parents emigrating from Korea, 
he has one big rule to follow; he is only allowed to date Korean girls. But he has pretty strong feelings 
for a girl in his class, Brit, who isn't Korean. His friend Joy Song is in the same boat, only being allowed 
to date Korean boys, so they come up with a clever plan to fool their parents. Pretend to date each other 
in front of their parents and have freedom to date whoever they want. Frank thinks this fake dating plan 
is perfect, but he finds himself questioning if he ever really understood love or himself. 

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  1. Such interesting romance books here! Frankly in Love sounds like a good read x

    Lucy Mary

    1. I loved it! Also love that him and his wife are both authors! x

  2. What a great selection. There are a few here that sound like my kind of reads.


  3. Our Stop sounds really good - I've never heard of these books before!

  4. I've not read any of these but I'm always looking for recommendations!
    Amy x

    1. So hard to choose just one to recommend! All of them are so good x