Second trimester - gender, pelvic pain and nesting

At this point in my pregnancy I can't figure out if it's flying by or dragging along. I feel like only last moth 
we found out we were having a baby, but also that I've been pregnant for an eternity. Either way I am glad 
that I am in the final stage and getting closer to meeting our baby boy. I probably should've made notes as 
every week went on to give a more detailed insight, however I seem to be more of a 'wing it' person when 
it comes to blog posts. This post is also a few weeks late, but I still wanted to write and upload it as I 
know I will enjoy coming back and reading this in months/years to come!

At this point in my pregnancy the weeks are blurring together, and I'm forgetting how far along I am and 
what has been happening. This trimester I have been in a lot of pain, in hospital, diagnosed with PGP and 
still having morning sickness. But I've experienced him moving and kicking around, decided his name and  
the spelling, started putting together his nursery and making plans for my maternity leave!

Around 16/17 weeks my sickness stopped/slowed down and I believed it was over. I was so wrong. My 
sickness is no where as bad as I know it could be, as I'm not being sick every day. I am struggling to keep 
food down and what does stay down is basic and bland food. This means that I haven't put on any weight 
and continuing to loose weight. Thankfully this is not affecting baby and he is healthy and growing just 
how he should. 

November 17th we booked a private scan to hear baby's heartbeat and find out the gender. I kept going 
back and forth with whether I wanted to know the gender or not but eventually gave in. Although baby 
was in an awkward position we managed find out the gender and did a balloon pop privately at home. I 
had no idea or feeling as to whether it was a girl or boy, but my partner was convinced it was a boy and 
he was right! Looking back the old wives tales and 'nub theory' were both right.

When I was 24 weeks an ambulance was sent out to me after phoning 111, and I ended up in hospital 
with severe pelvic pain and abdominal pain. After further tests and checks, i was diagnosed with PGP 
(pelvic-girdle-pain) and a water infection. My water infection, meant that I was unfortunately ill over the 
Christmas season, constant crying, vomiting, nausea and struggling to do basic tasks throughout the day. 
Way worse than the previous water infection I had (pre-pregnancy). I felt like I was being dramatic, but 
upon further research they can cause wild symptoms and turns out what I was feeling was normal.
Over the last weeks my pelvic pain has eased slightly due to taking the midwifes advice and changing 
how I move around and also buying a pregnancy belt to use when walking. Since finding out about PGP I 
have heard others talk about pelvic pain and how bad it can be, but it definitely isn't talked about enough.

Despite the festive season not being how I expected, I did feel him move for the first time. I started to feel 
flutters around 20 weeks and around 23/24 weeks I felt him kick for the first time. It's such a precious and 
amazing feeling, but also very weird. Both my mom and partner have felt him move and we are starting to 
see his movements on the outside too!

Over the last few weeks a lot of progress has been made. We decided on his name and spelling, which 
has made everything feel more real and also taken a lot of pressure off. His nursery was cleared out 
and nearly all of his furniture is in and ready. Nesting has definitely kicked in and I'm loving getting 
everything organised and imaging him taking naps and doing tummy time in his nursery. I have also 
finally started to get a bump and being able to officially wear my maternity clothes.

My energy levels are pretty much none existent and I'm struggling to basic things done, however I'm 
doing a little everyday and then taking advantage of doing more when I have a 'good day'. My mental 
health is very up and down, as I've been extremely anxious about anything and everything. I've started to 
think more about my birth plan and how I would like things to ideally plan out. Strangely I have also 
started to lactate very mildly, but something that took me by surprise. 

It's been a rough trimester but knowing our baby will be here soon, makes it all worth it. 



  1. Aw, being pregnant is both wonderful and awful - I had a tough time with the sickness too haha!

    Corinne x

    1. Think it's just not for me! I appreciate being pregnant and am grateful but it's hard work x

  2. PGP is so awful isn't it, I can definitely sympathise there!
    Amy x

    1. Honestly never realised how bad it could be x

  3. It's amazing when you decide upon a name and baby isn't just baby anymore. It makes things feel so much more real. Also, I think pregnancy feels like the quickest yet slowest thing in the world. Haha.


    1. Definitely agree! Flew by but also felt like I was pregnant but ages x

  4. I nested a lot! Never feel dramatic either its always always best to get checked over if you have any feelings xx

    1. So guilty of feeling like I'm wasting the hospitals time, but know I shouldn't x

  5. A lovely read.. we had names in our head for our baby but didn't tell anyone or commit to them outwardly. The minute we both saw him we both said "hello Jack" it was magical!

    1. Thank you! I wanted to be more like that but the name we chose is the only one we agreed on. Such a lovely experience for you both, to see him and just know in the moment x

  6. Lovely read, I hope you are doing well Lea! Best wishes to you all xx