Books I've recently purchased

Bibliophile; a person who find it's impossible to leave a book store without making a purchase. Usually 
with a large book collection at home and a love for book shopping. I am a self diagnosed bibliophile. My 
reading has definitely been a journey. The first year I got into reading I aimed for 26 books and read 52. 
The following year I aimed for 52 and read 19. After that it went down. So much so that I didn't read 
anything last year. To say I was in a reading slump was a major understatement. 

This year I've gone back to basics. I still wanted to set myself a goal and still hope that I can exceed it. 
However, to keep it realistic and achievable (especially with a baby on the way), I have set my 2023 
reading goal at 12 books. That gives me, on average, 4 weeks to complete 1 book which is definitely 
doable. So far this year I have read (listened) and completed 1 book, which was Jenette McCurdy I'm glad 
my Mom Died. This was a beautifully written book that despite it's tough topics still found a way to make 
you laugh out loud. I'm hoping to do quarterly or a yearly wrap up and go more in depth with the books!

Despite my goal only being 12 books, I have picked up lots of books over the last 3/4 months and acquired 
quite the collection. I didn't realise quite how many I had picked up until just now! 95% of these were 
purchased from The Works, for a fraction of the original retail price, meaning I could buy more books! 

Have you purchased any books recently?



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    1. Thank you! I'm guilty of a TikTok recommendation x

  2. I've been practically wearing out my Kindle Unlimited subscription - my husband talked about me cancelling it - when I pointed out that I read nearly 100 books last year (lots of shorter stories in there don't panic) and then did a bit of mental maths he soon realised that actually like a Netflix subscription - some months I'll read tonnes and it'll be totally worth it, other months it might be less but still worth it. And I don't need to store actual books because he gets twitchy about clutter lol.

    Anyway, 2022 had lots of time to read which is why I managed to read so much. I nearly always have at least one book on the go and because it's on my phone I can read pretty much anywhere if I'm sat still for long enough... I'm semi-starting this year by reading all the ones that are listed on my Goodreads account as Currently Reading because there are about 25! oops!

    1. I read so much when I had Kindle Unlimited! I love Audible but I hate how you only get 1 credit a month. Reading on your phone is such a good tip and so easy to do x

  3. I love Taylor Jenkins Reid books but haven't actually read the two you've picked up, I'll add them to my list - definitely a bibliophile!
    Amy x

    1. I really enjoyed Daisy Jones and The Six, so I had to pick these up! x

  4. I've not bought any books for a while now. I love reading, but I struggle finding (making) the time to do it. I love the works though! I buy a lot of books for the girls from there - They do 10 for £10 which is ace - The last book i bought for myself was from there too. X

    1. I'm the exact same, but still guilty of buying way too many books! Their children's section is amazing. Will definitely be picking some of them up on my next trip x

  5. I haven't but I'm desperate to get back into reading this year so I'll put some of these on my to-buy list!

    Gemma Louise

    1. You should check out Instagram and TikTok for some good recommendations too! x