My first trimester - finding out, scares and my relationship status

There are so many pregnancy and baby related blog post ideas that I have, however I do plan on spreading 
them out as I don't want that to be my main focus, especially since I talk about so many different areas on 
my blog. With saying that, I do want to update you every trimester and share the highs and lows of being 
pregnant, to talk about the realities rather and how every pregnancy is different, and not all sunshine and 
rainbows like you seeing in the movies and on tv. Also acting as a way to share for other expecting 
parents, but also to document and for me to look back in months or years to come! 

For a few weeks before I officially found out I was pregnant I was having quite a few symptoms and did 
have a slight suspicion that I was pregnant. However over the last few years I've convinced myself I was 
pregnant so many times, that I didn't think it was going to be real. After being diagnosed with PCOS a few 
years ago, and being told that I couldn't get pregnant and if I could it would be very difficult, I didn't think 
this day would ever come, and I'm so glad that it's now my time, even though I'm still in disbelief. 

I had been on some new medication for about 6 weeks and had a check up to discuss them. I  mentioned 
that I hadn't been feeling well, throwing up, weight increase amongst other things and they sent me for a 
blood test. A few days later I got the results however they were unclear and wanted me to go back in for 
another blood test. I got home and told the babies dad and we both decided we couldn't wait and   decided 
to do an at home clear blue test straight away. 2 minutes later the results we rushed into the bathroom and 
there on the counter, was the 'pregnant 2-3 week' results beaming up at us. 

I cried straight away, with a mixture of emotions going through my body. I was scared, emotional, happy, 
nervous, shocked and in major disbelief. Even now, I'm still shocked that I'm pregnant and am struggling 
to comprehend everything that is currently happening and will be happening in the near future.

It has taken some time for people to understand and come to terms with being pregnant, mainly because I 
am single, which is understandable how my family is very excited and looking forward to the new edition. 
Unfortunately I have also received some hateful and disrespectful comments from people who I never 
expected, which I'm glad has come to light because negativity is not need during pregnancy.

August 16th 2023


I'm very much an over thinker and big worrier so I've always known when it comes to being pregnant 
that I was going to worry about every little detail. Unfortunately there have been 2 times which have led 
me to being in hospital. The first time I ended up in hospital was the day after I found out I was pregnant. I 
felt fine throughout the day until about 5pm where I started to get stomach cramps on my left side and 
started bleeding on the evening. I phoned 111 for advice who advised I went straight to A&E. There were 
concerns about it being an ectopic pregnancy due to the location of the pain, however after a long 10 hours 
in hospital, invasive scans and an ultrasound the following day everything came back fine.

A few weeks later I experienced the same thing, but with heavier blood and mini clots throughout which 
caused extreme concern. Straight to the hospital and in for an ultrasound the baby had a strong healthy 
heartbeat. The doctor explained how 60% of early pregnancies experience bleeding of some sort and is 
often down to, small parts of your cervix coming away or even sex. Due to lack of information and 
knowledge about this, I had no idea how common bleeding was during pregnancy. 

est. 5 weeks - est. 6 weeks

I was going to mention here about how I'm single yet we're both in a good place and are looking 
forward to this next chapter together. However I've spoke a lot about this 'relationship' and my previous 
relationship and over the years I've gone through phases of wanting to keep them offline yet speaking 
about my experiences. Now that there is a baby involved, I no longer want to talk about my relationship, 
especially with my baby's father. Yes we have been on a long journey together but we are about to embark 
on this incredible one now, and we both cannot wait. If you know me personally then you will know the 
entire story, but the main thing to note is that this baby was conceived out of love.

As mentioned I had been experiencing some symptoms which led me to believe I was pregnant, such as; 
throwing up, headaches, weight gain but as soon as I found out everything increased. I started getting 
more stomach pain and cramps, targeted specifically on a certain side. The following 2 weeks my energy 
levels dropped like crazy and my nauseous kicked in, however no vomiting.  I've spent a lot of days 
relaxing on the sofa or curled up in bed, which is the main reason my blog posts have been so sporadic 
over the last few months.  My appetite is very up and down, the vomiting has kicked in and I'm mainly 
eating bland and plain foods and trying to make sure it stays down. At my first official ultrasound I was 
provided with some medication to help with my sickness, which I'm hoping starts to ease the sickness and 
nausea. So far I've been more exhausted and sick that I could've imagined, however I'm excited for the 
second trimester and hope that I feel a little more like my regular self. 

I'm excited to head into my second trimester and start picking up items and 
hopefully growing a baby bump, since now I just look and feel extremely bloated!



  1. Baby is loved already, and that is all that matters. Friendships you lost weren't really friendships, they were very one sided. Here's to a bright future as a mommy xx

    1. That's what I've been reminding myself! The few I have now are the ones that matter x

  2. I hate the fact that some people have been horrible to you, they're not real friends at all! I'm looking forward to following your pregnancy journey Lea! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to sharing`it x

  3. Congratulations again! I'm sorry people have been quite hurtful to you. Onwards and upwards for you and baby though. Wishing you all the best! X

  4. Massive congratulations - it's the best thing in the world! I'm sorry people haven't been kind, this is the most special but also scary time, you feel super vulnerable so it's not ok. Also, you share what you feel comfortable with. Ahh I can't wait for all of the baby content!


  5. The first trimester is rough but it gets better! x

  6. So many people think their opinion matters but they don't! It doesn't matter if you're single, married or whatever. Being a mum is the most magical amazing gift you can ever receive and all that child needs is love, food and security! You will be an amazing mum and don't let anyones negativity get to you! I'm sure you will both doing an amazing job.

    My brother and girlfriend split but they're doing an amazing job at co-parenting. xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm so excited to be a mom x