The concealer that changed how I view makeup

 My love and understanding for makeup over the last 12 years has changed dramatically. From not 
knowing about filling in your eyebrows, buying way too many eyeshadow palettes, having a true cake 
face to wanting a radiant natural base. I have tried it all and been through a journey! In a society full of 
Youtube and TikTok, we are constantly growing and learning new things about the makeup and beauty 
industry. For years we've heard 'less is more' and now we're starting to believe it. 

I never realised how much my makeup routine had changed since looking back at a private video I 
published on Youtube and seeing it first hand. Whether that be wrong shades, sleeping with my eyebrows 
on and continuing to fill them in again the next day or wearing up to 3 layers of foundation to cover my 
scars, it was just awful. I'm definitely not saying that the way I do my makeup is the right way or even 
good, however I still have a huge love and passion for makeup. Ive been collecting for 12 years, love 
purchasing viral TikTok products and new launches to add to my classic Ikea Alex drawers! 

If you are a lover of makeup then you will have heard of Mikalya. She is a 23 year old makeup artist from 
Massachusetts, with 11.5 million followers and the ability to sell out beauty products worldwide. It's very 
rare that an 'influencer' catches my attention and gets my obsessed with something, but Mikalya has done 
that an unhealthy amount of times for me. I have purchased so many makeup items because of her, or tried 
new techniques to improve my routine and the results have been astounding. 

Something Mikalya swears by is using small amount of the Nars soft matte concealer, to cover up 
blemishes, redness and imperfections before applying your foundation. This might sound simple for most 
people, however I always applied my concealer after, due to the foundation giving the main coverage 
therefore needing less concealer for a more less heavy look. Mikalya being the wonder she is, inspired me 
to try this for myself. Now, I wasn't about to drop £24 on a concealer so when I saw Collection release a 
similar product for only £3.99 I decided to give it a go.

It may seem dramatic to say a concealer changed how I view makeup, but it's true. Using a tiny amount of 
this concealer on imperfections and blemishes, before applying foundation made a huge difference. I 
found myself using less foundation and product but still getting the coverage and radiance that I desired. I 
stopped layering additional concealer over top and has visibly less dryness and cakey patches over my 
face. The concealer itself is one of the best products I've ever tried, however mixed with the technique 
made my views on makeup change entirely. 

Everything I thought I knew about makeup and beauty before, went out the window and I had a whole 
new view on the industry. Gone are the days of dark block brows, cake face and unblended contour. Now 
we're learning less is actually more, feather brows are much more appealing and there is nothing wrong 
with a pop of blush on the cheeks or nose or even as contour?! 



  1. I used to use a Collection concealer and it does give that great coverage under the eyes! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. 2 of my favourite concealers are from Collection! They are incredible x

  2. I've not used this particular concealer, but I LOVE the lasting perfection one from collection. I'll have to give this one a try! Such a bargain too!


    1. Honestly it's so incredible, especially for spot concealing and reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections x

  3. I use a different Collection concealer and that's so good too and such a bargain!
    Amy x

    1. They need more praise for their concealers x

  4. Huh! I need to give this a try using concealer first sounds like a game changer