Spring skincare favourites

Despite the very confusing weather, we have officially been in spring for a month. I wish I could say that 
my skincare routine is on point and I do it twice a day without missing anything but that's a lie. I'm very 
thankful that my skin doesn't change when I don't do skincare. Therefore that doesn't mean my skin is as 
good as I'd like. I have normal to dry skin and love anything with hyaluronic acid and moisture in. As the 
weather is changing in spring and summer, I tend to chance my skincare picks out whilst still making sure 
my skin is getting all the moisture and nourishment that it needs. 

The Glow Recipe watermelon sleeping mask is a cult classic in many people's skincare routines. Despite 
the fact that I can't remember how I acquired this, I love this mask none the less. A sleeping mask is used 
overnight to give your skin the intense treatment that it needs. This mask is enriched with vitamins, 
antioxidants and amino acids, along with hyaluronic acid to get to work on moisturising and reminding 
your pores whilst you sleep. This can also be used as a 10 minute treatment as a boost throughout the day. 

My favourite skincare product is a serum and my favourite skincare ingredient is hyaluronic acid. Mixing 
the two together gives me my ultimate product and that's exactly what Good Molecules hyaluronic acid 
serum* is for me. Hyaluronic acid works wonders with dry skin, like myself, as it draws in moisture for 
long lasting hydration. I love this serum in particular as it has all the aspects and qualities my skin needs 
without being heavy and weighing my skin down. 

I love using a skincare mist. Whether that be as an additional step in my routine or throughout the day. 
The Jurlique rosewater balancing mist* delivers an instant burst of hydration, helping to improve 
moisture levels, tone the skin and restore your natural glow to feel refreshed throughout the day. This is 
great to use on the skin in the morning for a refreshing boost or throughout the day when your skin is 
feeling dehydrated and dull. 

No matter what time of year it is I love to use a lip mask. They are super nourishing and work absolute 
wonders on your lips, leaving them soft and hydrated all day long. I love to use these overnight to really 
nourish the lips, however I'm guilty of choosing them over a lip balm in the day. At the moment my 
favourite is the  ELF jelly pop luscious lip mask. This lip mask is infused with watermelon extract and 
hyaluronic acid to prevent your lips from dryness and give intense hydration whilst adding a pink sheen.

What are your skincare favourites for spring?


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the sound of the ELF lip mask, my lips feel dry on a regular basis so this would come in handy! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. It's one of the most moisturising lip masks I've tried and it's so affordable too x

  2. Sounds really good for skincare.

    Love: Mariann Yip

  3. I love the Good Molecules hyularonic acid serum, I see such a difference from using it!
    Amy x

    1. It's incredible isn't it! I love Good Molecules skincare x

  4. What a fab line up of products! I also really like the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, however my current fave facial mist is the Breath of fresh air facial mist from LUSH x


    1. I haven't used that mist in years! Always forget about Lush skincare x

  5. The lip mask definitely sounds handy. I've just had a cold and at one point my lips were soooo dry and sore they kept cracking. Thankfully they are better now - maybe I need to give them some looking after.

    1. Works wonders for my lips, can't recommend it enough x

  6. I need to check out a hyaluronic acid product as my skin on my face can go super dry

    1. It's the best thing I've found for my skin x

  7. I've not actually tried a lip mask before. I was reading another blog of someone raving about another brand of lip mask too. I'm going to have to investigate! I really need to try the sleeping mask too, I've heard great things! X

    1. They work wonders! Can't go a day without using it x

  8. Well Lea-Mai, after reading this post I think I’ve come to the realisation I definitely need more hydration in my skincare. Haha.

    All these hydration-based products sound amazing. I’m currently trying out The Ordinary AHA and BHA Peel at the moment - I’m really enjoying it but trying to find the right balance for it and my exfoliation (I definitely think I need some more hydrating products after reading this though!!).

    Ellie x | https://elliebowsandsparkles.blogspot.com/

    1. Hydration is what I recommend the most! I haven't tried much from The Ordinary but I've heard great things x