Is blogging dying?

I have been blogging now for over 7 years, since July 2014 to be precise. Which is a really long time, 
especially when you think that it's only a hobby. Since I started blogging I've learnt so much, and grown 
into a complete new person. I am not the same person I was when I started and I'm glad about that. 
However blogging itself has changed and is not the same as it was 7 years ago. I'm at a point in my life 
where I feel like I've been blogging and writing for so long that is there anything left to talk about and if 
there is do I have the motivation and if I do have the motivation are there still people reading blogs.

I set up this blog in July 2014 because I had a huge love for makeup and anything beauty related. I was 15 
at the time in high school and using this as an outlet to express myself since I didn't have any friends and 
was teaching myself instead of being in lessons at school. You have been with my whilst I have battled 
mental health issues, gone through college, had my first relationship, got engaged, break ups, work, 
moving out, the whole lot. I have loved every moment of this as I've evolved so much and my blog has 
acted as a diary even when I didn't realise it. I have had the opportunity to work with so many incredible 
brands that I can't even begin to express my gratitude towards and sometimes even earn money from this. 

2014 was a time when if you wanted to do YouTube but didn't feel confident enough, then you had a blog. 
You were either doing 1 of the 2 or you were part of the audience. It was a time when tag's and awards 
were big, and the idea of blogging being someones job was unheard of, only Youtuber's could do that. 
Instagram was being used as a creative platform where people posted their OOTD's in the mirror, what 
they were eating that day and trying to comment on your Insta besties photo first! There was no right or 
wrong algorithm and we posted what we wanted when we wanted. Bloggers weren't getting hate and 
brands weren't sending out products or inviting us to events. 

Over the years I've dipped in and out of blogging but stayed pretty consistent with uploading 3 times a 
week. There have been over 900 uploaded posts, documenting everything. But I'm at a point in my life 
where I'm starting to think what's the point. As I've evolved so has the blogging industry. I don't blog for 
other people, I do it for me but is there any point if it's getting me no where. I understand that social media 
is a numbers game, which I hate, but there's only so long that I can go on pretending that blogging and 
reading blogs is the same as it was when I started. 

I've always been a huge lover of reading and writing, but others don't. The majority of people don't read, 
they scroll through social media because it's easy, and I don't blame them. The truth is blogs aren't being 
read anymore and if they are it's huge influencers. People would much rather watch a 10 minute YouTube 
video than read a 2 minute blog post about the same thing. It's convenient and easy. 

Social media has become a place of work rather than a hobby that people use as an outlet to be creative 
and I love that, but it's also takes the fun out of it for those who can't seem to grow and make this into a 
career. As life goes on and evolves so does social media, the internet and blogging. It's been 7 years since 
I first started but the question I find I'm constantly asking myself lately is; is blogging dying? It feels like 
blogging and any sense of writing is dying out and soon everything will be about the visuals that TikTok 
and YouTube provide. Is it worth sticking it out and hoping to see a change?



  1. I don't think blogging is dying, I do think it's a different beast than it was once before. The pandemic woke the blogging community up in the best possible way!

    1. Definitely is different than before! I'm hoping it's down to a lack of inspiration on my side x

  2. I am on the side of blogging there is more of a connection to writing down your thoughts than talking to a camera. Stick with it babe xx

    1. Going to be changing a few things next year, which hopefully helps my blogging mindset x