5 goals for this autumn

For as long as I can remember autumn has always been my favourite season. I love everything about it, 
from the; colours, layering clothes, smell of baked goods, getting into the holiday season and the excuse of 
wrapping up under blankets with a hot chocolate at home. I do enjoy summer but only because everyone is 
in a good mood and the atmosphere around it so positive. But I'm a huge sucker for autumn. Every week, 
month and year is a time that you can create new goals to achieve, but so is a new season. Depending on 
the season, depends on the theme of my goals. E.G spring is focused around cleaning, getting organised 
and trying to get into a routine, whereas winter is about spending time with family and preparing for the 
new year. Autumn goals for me are focused around self care and doing things for myself; such as cosy 
nights in and reading, but also taking advantage of autumn activities such as going to a pumpkin patch!

I can't believe that being 22, nearly 23 years old, I've only ever been to a pumpkin patch once. I know
 that as the years have gone on they've become more popular and seen as a photo opportunity, but there's 
something about then that gives off the perfect vibes. I love walking through the fields trying to find a 
perfect pumpkin, which is more challenging than I realised, whilst wearing the perfect autumn layered 
outfit and boots and stopping at the farm shop at the end. It's a very cheesy day out but it's one that I can't 
wait to do again this year! 

The weather at this time of year is my favourite. The warm tones in the trees and crunchy leaves on the 
floor, but also the nights getting darker earlier and spending the evenings all cosy whilst it's raining 
outside. I'm not one to go on a lot of walks, however I would like to go on a few this autumn and soak in 
the fresh crisp air. I get inspired by nature and often come away feeling more motivated. Whether that be 
in a professional or personal sense. It can be very easy to become more depressed when the weather 
changes (blog post on that coming soon), and spending time outside definitely helps to improve that. 

Although I just mentioned wanting to go to a pumpkin patch and take advantage of the autumn weather, I 
do want to have more nights in and be relaxed. It's so easy to get swept up in things and be out all the time 
trying to make the most out of it as well as clinging on to the memories of summer. I love to go out and try 
new things but there is nothing wrong with having several days a week or even just 1 where you stay at 
home all evening and do nothing. My ideal 'cosy night in' would be wearing pjs, watching a movie, 
pigging out on junk food, all whilst having a pamper session. And that is exactly what I plan on doing!

In my opinion there is no better time to read then in the colder months. I'm a lover of contemporary 
romance which is often set in summer, however I'm starting to find books set in autumn to pick up to 
match my mood. A series I was hoping to start, but doubtful I will, that is perfect for autumn is the 
Twilight series. Just like the films they are the ultimate guilty pleasure and a definite cosy read. I'm 
hoping to catch up to my Goodreads goal and have read 26 books by the end of the year, but since it's
 been a slow reading year, I'm aiming for at least 2 books a month. 

There is no better time than now to run a deep hot bubble bath, paint your nails and put on a facemark. 
Since the days are getting colder, your skin and body will need more attention and the perfect way to do 
so is through self care. Face masks, moisturisers and a thorough skincare routine will become your best 
friend. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) affects thousands of people every year, and taking time to 
acknowledge that and do things for you is what's important. Self care doesn't just have to be doing a face 
mask once a week, it can be going on walk,  to your favourite shop, meeting up with a friend for a drink. 
There are no right or wrong forms of self care, it's simply whatever works for you. We should focus on 
self care and self love year round 24/7, but as our mood will often change due to the weather and time of 
year it's more important now than ever.



  1. I love your goals. Autumn always makes me very reflective and I've got some goals of my own!


    1. Thank you! There's something about autumn that does that. Maybe it's because it's getting closer to the end of the year so people want to make the most out of it x

  2. Love these goals, visiting a pumpkin patch is most definitely on my list xx