Top 3 favourite Tarte palettes | Gifted

Tarte has very quickly become a favourite brand of mine. Having never tried anything from them until 
this year, I've worked up quite a collection of products from them! I am very thankful that the lovely PR 
team at Tarte are continuing to work with me and send me their products to try out. It really is a dream 
come true. As a result of this I have tried quite a few Tarte palettes now, and have truly fell head over 
heels. I wanted to share my top 3 with you, so hopefully you can find a new palette to try out.

"Cult classic just got juicer with this 20 shade supersize shadow palette."

This romantic hue palette contains 20 soft, natural, pink and plum shades in a range of mattes, metallics 
and pearlescent finishes. Each row is arranged to help you achieve and create a naturally effortless look. 
As these are mineral pigments, they have maximum pigment and wear as well as long lasting power and 
easy to blend, without creasing or fade throughout the day (even on oily eye lids).

I personally love this palette because it contains so many different shades without being too big or 
overwhelming, so you don't know where to start. Each shadow is truly beautiful on its own, but when 
paired with any other shadow in the palette it magnifies. I love how each row was carefully thought out 
so you could create a look with that, as well as having the option and ability to create any look you want. 

"She's here and she's spicy. This hotter than hot pressed pigment palette has 8 smokin' shades."

This spicy hot roaring palette contains 8 orange, yellow and red toned shades ranging in both matte 
and metallic finishes. These are infused with Amazonian clay and vitamin e for maximum blend ability, 
intense pigmentation and long lasting wear. The packaging and name of the palette is phenomenal and 
sets it apart from any other palette and brand on the market. 

I personally love this palette because it's unlike anything I've seen before. Due to the bright intense shades, 
it immediately draws you in and grabs your attention. Each shade is stunning individually but when paired 
all together in this palette they are unstoppable. The shades; sizzling, fierce and intense are slightly lighter 
which help to break up the palette and gives the options of create softer looks with bright colours, rather 
than a dramatic graphic look. This is a palette that I want on display because of how beautiful it is. 

"Get your shadow skills bloomin' with this cult favourite palette packed with everyday essential shades."

This neutral everyday palette contains 12 rosy, bronze and warm shades in a range of both mattes and 
shimmers. Each row has been arranged to help you create 3 easy looks, without any fuss. These are 
powered by amazonian clay for a better, longer and truer wear as well as mineral pigments to soothe 
and soften. These shadows have been curated to give the appearance of a brighter and bigger eye!

I personally love this palette because it contains all the neutral shades that you could need, from your; 
matte white and taupes to your champagne, coppers and deep chestnut browns. Although I own a lot of 
colour palettes, a natural eye palette will never fail me. This is also the perfect size for on the go and has 
the ability to create an endless amount of looks transforming you from day to night!

Do you have a favourite Taste palette?


These products were gifted to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. See disclaimer page for more info. 


  1. Tarte have some gorgeous palettes with beautiful neutrals in!

    Gemma Louise

  2. In Bloom has been my favourite for the longest time!


  3. I havent tried any of the eye palettes, but their blush formula is lovely