Loreal Elvive dream lengths

Over the last few months I have become obsessed with hair care. Anything from new shampoos and 
conditioners to a whole new range. Recently I've been seeing the Loreal dream lengths wonder water all 
over social media. After seeing people rave about it I went on a hunt to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I 
couldn't find it in stores and ending up purchasing it on Amazon. On another trip into town I found huge 
bottle of the Loreal dream lengths shampoo and conditioner on offer, so obviously I picked them up. As I 
was in a huge hair care phase I decided to check out the entire dream lengths range online and see what it 
had to offer. This was a mistake, because I ended up buying the majority of the collection. However I've 
turned in into a positive by deciding to do a review on the entire Loreal dream lengths range

Unlike some shampoos and conditioners I've tried, this lives up to what it aims to do. Both enriched with a 
blend of keratin, vitamins and castor oil to cleanse and reinforce the hair, detangle and reduce breakage. 
This is targeted towards those with longer and more damaged hair as it has a creamy and caring formula to  
make the biggest impact and difference both immediately and after multiple uses.

I am obsessed with hair masks, and when I find one that I love I will try all from that brand. A hair mask 
is a treat for you hair, recommended to be used once a week to help replenish and nourish the hair. This 
specific mask has a blend of keratin and castor oil which helps to leave the hair looking and feeling 
immediately nourished and silky smooth, without weighing your hair down. If I don't notice any 
immediate results with a hair mask, I know that it's not for me. As soon as I apply this to my wet hair I can 
feel and see a difference straight away, and even more so once my hair is dried and ready to go for the day. 

Sometimes your shampoo just isn't cutting it, despite doing what it aims to do. That's why I love that there 
is a product like this in the dream lengths collection. This is a combination of both the shampoo and a 
mask, having benefits and attributes from both. The caring creamy textures cleanses the hair without 
weighing it down, leaving a light beautiful scent whilst being providing 3x more softness and 2x more 
detangling properties. Backed by Loreal elvive science this has more results than a classic shampoo. 

Just like the shampoo, sometimes you need something more intense that a conditioner but without the 
time of having to leave a mask on. This is more than a regular conditioner and is infused with amino 
acid and castor oil to leave your hair intensely nourished and reinforced, by containing twice as many 
conditioning properties. Unlike a mask there is no leave in time and can be used daily.

Since I love a hair mask, its pretty obvious that I also love a leave in conditioner of any form. This is 
targeted for those who suffer from breakage and split ends, and protect them from further damage. This 
aims to save the last 3cm of your hair without having to say goodbye and cutting them off. The reinforcing 
formula helps to reduce the appearance of split ends and damage from brushing, whilst also being a heat 
protectant and protecting the hair against heat up to 180ºC.

A blow-dry cream has never appealed to me as I just viewed it as another form of heat protectant, however 
this is a leave in treatment that holds your blow-dry style for 3 days, maximises care without water whilst 
having the benefits of a heat protectant. This unique formula can protect up to 230ºC worth of heat, with 
thermo-softening polymers to care for the hair with no weigh-down. This has unlimited restyling 
properties and ultra long lasting hold and definition, to make your look last all day and night long.

This has taken over the hair care world by storm and is the reason I ended up purchasing the entire 
collection. This revolutionary treatment transforms your hair in just 8 seconds! With a rinse out liquid 
condition formula this leaves your hair 10x smoother, with a glass like silky shine to it. Using lamellar 
water technology, moisturising agents and amino acids to target dry, damaged hair and provide a deep 
conditioning, with the lightweight formula of water and immediate results. 

No matter how clean or freshly washed my hair is I always use dry shampoo. For me it adds volume and 
texture to my hair which allows me to get the hair style I desire and it last longer throughout the day. This 
is another product that aims to maximise care without the use of water so you can maintain your hair goals 
for longer. This instantly volumes your hair for up to 24 hours with ultra cleansing properties, with not 
white residue. This is also enriched with vitamins to leave the hair feeling silky but not greasy or oily.    

Have you tried the Loreal dream lengths range yet?



  1. So many great products! I'm especially excited for the Wonder Water, can't wait for it to arrive in Australia! Great review, thanks for sharing x

    Steff | www.steffaniebee.com

    1. Took me so long to find it! Have you tried Amazon? Maybe you can pick some up there before it's in stores x

  2. your snaps are gorgeous! I need to try this for my hair this summer


  3. I always get this range when it's on offer! I love it!

    Corinne x

    1. It's amazing! I'll definitely be picking it up again x

  4. Absolutely loving the Wonder Water, I also really like the conditioner too (the intensive one) from this range, it is so good.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Loving this collection, the masks and treatments are amazing x