Living alone - part 1

 This is a post that I never thought I'd write and didn't want to write so soon. However I decided to turn 
this into a series and talk about the highs and lows. As this post goes live I've been living alone for only 2 
and a half weeks, even though it seems a lot longer. I have felt so many different emotions in this short 
period, that I wanted to make this is the first part of the 'living alone' series. People often talk about the 
initial excitement and again 6 months later once you're all settled, which is why I wanted to talk about 
everything; the joy and excitement but the worries and concerns. 

The reason I'm living alone now is because me and my partner broke up. He moved out and got his own 
place and I decided to remain in the flat we got together. It's a weird situation to be in; having to help 
someone move out of the home that you got together and was yours, to then transfer it to just your own 
home. I'm very thankful that I haven't had to buy a lot of things for the flat so Ive been focusing on the 
smaller things and making it more homely. 

I started my new job 4 days after he moved out, and because I work full time I don't have much time to sit 
and dwell. This is both a positive and negative affect. It's positive because it means that I am distracting 
myself and not letting myself get upset, but it's also negative because I haven't had that time to fully 
process what's been happening. When we lived together I was at home in the day, which I got used to. I 
am now at home, alone, of an evening too which can get quite lonely, especially when it comes to getting 
into bed and going to sleep. The biggest challenge for me has been having nobody there to talk too. 
Having nobody to make you laugh at silly things or stroke your hair when you're in bed. I've also had to 
learn to make portions for just myself rather than 2 people, which I thought would be easier to do.

However there are so many positives to living alone. I know have pride in knowing that everything in 
my home was bought by me and designed by me, as well as the bills being paid for by just myself. Yes 
the bills side of things can be very stressful, but it's a huge achievement to do that on your own. 

Little things such as; not having to worry about leaving something out on the side, or spending hours 
trying to agree on something to watch on Netflix. Also having the ability to do what you want without 
worrying about others. Whether that be if you go out for a drink and get home late, wanting to invite 
friends round or just being respectful of your partner if they have work. Everything is your full decision 
and you only have to worry about yourself.

In the small amount of time I have been living alone I already feel like I've achieved so much. I have 
finally bought my bookshelves and got my books at my home, my bathroom got painted and redecorated, 
I bought new living room furniture and did my first successful food shop on my own. Outside of home, 
I've also started my first ever full time job and I love it, fell back in love with blogging and starting to get 
into a balanced routine with home, work and self care. 

Living on your own will always be a challenge, just like it would be if you were living with someone. 
But it's also a huge achievement to be doing such an incredible task and ticking of a milestone in your 
life, all on your own. Every little thing is a win, even if you don't know it yet! 



  1. You're very brave for continuing in the flat you once shared. A full time job is the ideal distraction for this, you're doing a good job of keeping it together. Don't forget to allow yourself to feel the ups as well as the downs!


    1. Thank you lovely! I'm so proud of how far I've come and everything I've achieved in such a short amount of time x