Top 3 affordable face masks

It's no secret that I love a bit of self care. Running yourself a bubble bath, reading a book and applying a 
face mask. My definition of a perfect night in. I own so many face masks, it's become a little ridiculous, 
but that also means that I've had the chance to try out a wide range and discover my favourites. With jobs 
still being affected due to COVID, and money being tight, we can't all afford to go and spend a lot of 
money on beauty products. However self care is needed to help with our mental health, which is why I 
wanted to share my top 3 affordable face masks with you, so you can do self care on a budget!

This is my all time favourite face mask and it does wonders for my skin. Costing only £1.50 I was hesitant 
at how good this could be but I was blown away. This aims to draw out any impurities and excess oils 
from your pores, leaving your skin feeling cleansed, toned and soft and is intended to only be left on for 3 
minutes. For my skin, I have found this best to leave on until the clay mask is completely set, before 
removing it with a damp cloth. This is one of the only face masks that I have repurchased multiple times 
and keep going back to, as it's that incredible. If you haven't already, I highly recommend trying this out. 

I've always disliked the thought of stick masks as it comes in direct contact with your skin, so it holds onto 
bacteria and spreads it around your face when you go to use it again. I liked the idea behind them and the 
convenience so I picked this one up when I was online shopping as it had some fantastic reviews. This 
aims to draw out impurities from the pores, reduce the overall appearance of them to help leave the skin 
looking soft and flawless. Once removing you can feel an immediate different in the texture of your skin, 
and within a couple of hours your pores are visibly smaller. After each use I use a damp cloth to wipe over 
the stick, to help remove any bacteria so I'm not spreading it on and around my face when I use it next.

I remember when these face masks first launched, 6 years ago, and I was so excited to give them a go. I 
purchased all 3 that were available at the time and fell in love. They quickly added 2 more to their 
collection and I found my favourite; the blemish rescue mask. This has a creamy texture to help draw out 
blackheads from the pores and any impurities on the skin to leave you with a fresh base that doesn't dry 
your skin out. This is known for detoxifying and brightening the skin, with immediate results.

What's your favourite affordable face masks. 



  1. The L'Oreal Masks were all the rage when they launched! I also bought them :)

  2. You can't beat L'Oreal for their masks in my opinion. I love Boots for their in house beauty and skincare. I've not tried the cucumber mask but it sounds right up my street!


    1. They're amazing, got such a wide range of brands and products to try! x

  3. Oh gosh that cucumber mask is a blast from the past!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. I love a face mask that cleans out my pores, always leaves my skin looking amazing!

    Gemma Louise