Life outside of lockdown

It's officially been 3 weeks since the lockdown started to lift and we got a taste of 'normal' life. Everyone 
has definitely been taking advantage of the shops and salons being open as well as meeting up with friends 
at the pub. The next stage is being able to have family and friends, rule of 6, come into your home, rather 
than just outside as of May 17th! Since I'm such a home body I love this, and can't wait to have people 
round. Most of the UK is looking forward to June 21st as nightclubs open and there are no restrictions 
on the amount of people you can be with which is the first in a very long time and ultimate freedom.

The first thing I made sure to do was book in for my nails and eyebrows to be done as they needed some 
serious TLC. Surprisingly I have only been out to the pub once, which was nice but definitely weird as it's 
been so long since we could do that. I am meeting up with some friends tomorrow to go for a drink, after 
another nail appointment (I forgot how often they need maintaining), which is so strange to say as I 
haven't seen them since the pubs were open in September. 

Although it's only been 3 weeks of having to interact with people again, it's been a challenge. Not being 
able to go out, meant I only spoke with a small handful of people and anyone else was a quick thank you 
at the supermarket. I noticed it was a challenge when I went to have my nails done. I sat down and usually 
me and my nail lady, Paige, have loads to talk about and catch up on. I found that we were both struggling 
with what to say and making conversation, whilst being extremely aware of the other people in the salon. 
Going to the pub, I had to actually talk to people again and think of things to say rather than sit on tiktok 
on my sofa. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding life outside of lockdown and interacting with people 
again after having been isolated and inside for so long. 

I am also now adjusting to being single again. When I was last single the pandemic started 2 months later, 
so I was able to blow off some steam and go drinking and to nightclubs. Now I live alone, have my own 
flat and bills to pay for whilst having to learn how to be on my own again. It's a situation I never wanted to 
be in, but I'm grateful to be in a position where I can still have my own home. It's only a few weeks until I 
can have people round and start feeling less alone. With everything in my personal life changing at the 
same time the world is coming back to life, there has been a lack of a routine in every aspect of my life. 

Usually I get extremely anxious and depressed when there are changes happening, and with this many 
going on I was expecting it to be a low point. I'm not sure why but I'm trying really hard to focus on the 
positives. Remembering that I have an amazing family and friends who support me, as well as a flat that 
I love and get to call my home. A new and exciting job that I get to start soon and falling back in love 
with blogging again. This lockdown has definitely been the hardest and most challenging out of the 3 that 
we've had, but also one that's taught me the most. 

I'm beyond excited to come out of lockdown, fully, and resume to a more 'normal' life without 
the restrictions, whilst in the midst of all thats changing in my life. Scared but excited!



  1. I'm super excited for lockdown to end too, I can't wait for a slice of real life finally