Why sex aftercare is so important

It's fairly obvious that I enjoy talking about sex. I love taking about the taboo topics that no-one else does, 
trying to break the stigma and start a conversation. My sex and wellness content has been so well received 
over the last 11 months and I'm so glad as it's become my favourite thing to write about. This is a post I've 
wanted to do for a long time, but struggled to find inspiration to write. After getting my mojo back a bit, 
it's time we spoke about why sex aftercare is so important.

After sex, hygiene is incredibly important; especially for women. Women have are more prone to water 
infections led from sex if they haven't been to the toilet afterwards to 'flush it out'. Bacteria can get into 
your urethra (a women's is longer which is why they are more prone to water infections than men) which 
can cause an infection. When you pee after sex it flushes the germs away. PEE AFTER SEX.

You have the basics such as washing your hands, and possibly even having a shower. You don't want 
germs being sat on your skin for a long period of time that wouldn't be there otherwise. Always wash your 
hands, especially after foreplay. When it comes to washing your genitals, make sure you are using an 
unscented soap or a soap that is specifically designed for that area. A vagina is self cleaning and using 
fragranced soaps can affect the PH balance. Men should make sure to clean around the tip as this area if 
often missed and is a reason why infections such as thrush is caused. Make sure you change into clean 
underwear to avoid any further infections and odors. 

Something that people often forget is to clean your sex toys. Sex toys are used in the exact same way, and 
need to be cleaned the same way too. You can get specific sex toy cleaners, however I recommend using 
feminine wipes (they're the same but a lot cheaper) as they're safe to use on your genitals or just rinse off 
with water. If you chose not to clean your sex toys you are at risk of old bacteria and germs entering and 
causing infections and possible STI's. In regards to STI's make sure you are getting regular checkups, 
recommended at least every 12 months even if you are in stable relationship.

For further hygiene related aftercare click here.

Until recently I never would've consider communication and company as a form of aftercare. But our 
mental health and wellbeing is just an important as the hygiene and medical side of things. Whether you 
are in a relationship, having casual hooks or one night stands communication is important. I don't mean 
you have to sit there and have a conversation about the events that have just transpired, but making sure 
you are both comfortable and feeling safe is key. 

When having sex you are at your most vulnerable and intimate. Showing you care afterwards, rather than 
walking out the room shows that you care. Whether you want to have sex again in the future, and take it 
further (e.g. a relationship) or if it was just a one time thing, it still matters. Nobody wants to feel used.

The BDSM community is big on the emotional aftercare of sex as you are taking things to new and 
possibly extreme levels of intimacy. Allowing yourself to become so vulnerable in front of another person, 
by pushing the boundaries. Following BDSM you can often feel nauseas, dizzy, tired and possibly in pain. 
If you are physically in pain then that should be dealt with first, and medical attention should be seeked if 
necessary. Since a lot of BDSM is about having a Dom and Sub, the emotional aftercare is often 
demonstrated through cuddles, kisses, baths, massages etc. as the Dom still has a change to be in
 charge, whilst the Sub is being looked after and taken care off. 

Whether you are making sure pee after sex or talk with your partner afterwards aftercare is so important. 
Take care of your body and mental health by avoiding infections and emotional trauma. 



  1. This is such an important but taboo subject and I'm glad it's one you've chosen to write about. It is something that SHOULD be spoken about! I would not want anyone's first time to be like mine was following the event and had I known this, it may not have been!



    1. Can't believe they don't talk about this in sex education through school x

  2. This is so important! Definitely need to be talked about more! x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

    1. Can't believe how little people know about this x

  3. This sounds like a great book!