Trying period pants for the first time | AD

This is an AD with Modibodi

Modibodi is a brand that I've known about for a while and loved the concept behind. Periods are 
something that I've battled and struggled with for over 10 years now and am still not happy with how 
things are. Whether that be medical issues such as PCOS and not knowing when I will have a period or 
the amount of waste that I go through. Modibodi truly lives up to their statement off; better support, 
better protection, better life and I cannot recommend them enough!

Periods are inevitable in 99% of women's lives, experiencing for an average of 40 years, so why not make 
sure we are as comfortable as possible. I had my first period whilst on holiday when I was 8, and then 
didn't have another one until I was 11. So I experienced it all very young. In the last few years I was 
diagnosed with PCOS so my periods are very irregular and can be extremely heavy. I've always been 
someone who uses sanitary towels, as apposed to tampons as they just suit me and my body more. 
However after a while they become so expensive as I would often go through 1 large pack a month, 
maybe more. Even going on the pill (for my periods, not contraception) at a young age didn't help. 

Over the last few years I've had very few periods, going over 120 days without having one. In the last 6 
months, or so, my periods have become more regular which I'm thankful about as it makes things easier. 
However that meant I was faced with the expense of sanitary products all over again. When I found 
Modibodi I was so intrigued; eco-friendly underwear that you can use on your period without any other 
sanitary products. Now that sounds perfect.

Modibodi was launched in 2013 after a mum was experience 'unmentionable' bladder leaks after birth. 
Kirsty was determined to find something that would work for all women and be sustainable, and less that 2 
years later Modibodi was launched. There is so much to love about this brand from their; sustainability, 
the many ways to use (period, pee, perspiration and pregnancy), inclusive for women, teens and men or 
the wide variety of styles that they offer. These have 3 superslim layers that holds up to 4 tampons worth.

Top layer - Soft bamboo wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and smells, leaving you dry and fresh
Middle layer - Merino perform wool absorbs fluid and locks it away to avoid any leaks
Bottom layer - Waterproof protection to make sure you stay super secure all day long

I picked up 2 styles; classic full brief (overnight) and the classic bikini (moderate) both in black. My 
periods typically start light, go extremely heavy and then back to light again, which is why I picked up 2 
styles for 2 different types of flow. Being on average £20 a pair I had extremely high expectations, and I 
was not disappointed. These are so soft and comfortable and are the only underwear that I forget I am 
wearing. I will wear 1 pair throughout the day and change into the other pair for the night after a bath. At 
the moment I only own 2 pairs of Modibodi pants, which I wear every other day. I have cut my sanitary 
towel usage in half and will continue to purchase these underwear to only use sanitary towels in 
emergencies, therefore becoming more sustainable.

If you are wanting to try these out I highly recommend. Although they might seem quite pricey for some 
underwear they will save you so much money overall and help you become more eco-friendly in one of 
the most wasteful categories ... PERIODS. Check out their website here and use my discount code; 'LEAMAI15' for 15% off your entire order.


This is an AD in partnership with Modibodi. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. These things do intrigue me, I haven't plucked up the courage to try them just yet though.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I'd recommend getting some and trying them out on your lighter days first if you're unsure x

  2. These look interesting, I would probably try them out, although maybe on lighter days.

    1. Definitely worth giving them ago. Even if you don't use them for their purpose they're so comfortable x

  3. These sound so fascinating! I need to try them one day x

    Joyce |

  4. My cousin was talking about these exact pants last week and it really picqued my interest! I would give them a go but I hate feeling uncomfortable or like I'm leaking so it would be interesting to see how they go!


    1. I'd recommend trying out on your 'lighter' days first to get more comfortable with them x

  5. I really want to try these, I can imagine they'd be great after giving birth!

    Gemma Louise

    1. You definitely should and I've heard from others that they are! x

  6. I would love to try period pants but for my lighter days!