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This is a product only AD with Your Pleasure Toys 

It's no secret that I talk a lot about taboo topics to try and normalise them as much as possible. Something 
I've tried to talk a lot about more is sex and how it's perfectly normal to have a healthy relationship with it 
and be a sex positive person. I've done a handful of posts over the last few months that have been huge 
hits with you. I started off by talking about ending the stigma around sex toys, so I wanted to talk about 
sex toys again, but instead share some new in toys and a few on my Wishlist from Your Pleasure Toys.

Your Pleasure Toys is my favourite place to go for sex toys. Although they don't have the most extensive 
collection they are constantly adding new sex toys to their range. They currently have 21 products 
available to chose from including a water based lube, 7 of which are currently new. These include classic 
g-spot vibratorssuction vibrators and even 2 male prostate toys. I was lucky enough to be sent 2 of their 
toys to share with you all. I chose the Mr Duckie suction vibrator and the dual vibrator - suction vibe.

The Mr Duckie suction vibrator allows you to enjoy oral sex whenever and wherever you want. This has 
7 vibrations settings and is fully waterproof which makes the rubber duck design even cuter. This is only 
3.5inches long which makes it discreet and easy to travel with, as well as fitting perfectly in your hand. 
This is silicone which makes it easy to clean and also has a magnetic cable for an easy charging solution. 

The Dual vibrator - suction vibe is designed to take pleasure to the next level with 10 tapping and 10 
vibrating patterns whilst being an 8.5 inch toy. This comes with an additional silicone wrap to go on the 
head of the toy, to change from tapping to suction patterns. What I love most about this is how it is 3 toys 
in 1 and can be used all over the body on both male and females. This is silicone which makes it easy to 
clean and perfect to use with lube. It also comes in a silk pouch, an instruction manual and a charger cable. 

As Your pleasure Toys are always updating their stock it's hard to stay up to date with. I have quite a few 
on my Wishlist that I want to purchase and try out. At the top of my Wishlist are the remote control love 
ring with 10 vibration settings for excitement outside of the bedroom, the g-spot suction rabbit vibrator 
with 7 modes for3-in-1 pleasure and finally the tickler (wearable vibrator) with 10 vibration patterns and a 
handy remote for fun wherever you want. If you are interested in purchasing from Your Pleasure Toys 
yourself then make sure to use my code 'CARTER' for 15% off your final order until 20th August!


This is an product only AD in partnership with Your Pleasure Toys, however I have worked with them before. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. These sound so good, but I don't know how I'd feel using one that looks like a duck LOL.

    1. It's actually the perfect size and is easier to use than a lot of others x

  2. Ooo these look great. I agree with Georgia Anne, the colours remind me of as duck :P

    1. It's designed to be like that as it is fully waterproof x

  3. Omg the duck is very interesting!! It's so cute but different, I quite like it! x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I've never seen anything like it, which is what I like about the brand x

  4. That duck is new on me!! Love that you're exploring this niche with your blog!