Books at the top of my wishlist

Over the last year I have become book obsessed. Last year I managed to read a total of 52 books
(blog post here) and I'm hoping to do the same this year. Despite being in lockdown and having more
time than ever I actually haven't been reading, and am about 8 books behind with my Goodreads goal.
Even though I am so behind and haven't been reading anywhere as near as much as I would like, I am
still purchasing books. I've tried to cut down as I'm getting multiple parcels a day at the moment, but
these are some books that are at the top of my Wishlist and I can't wait to get my hands on.
This was originally published 25+ years ago and has now been revised to include more fresh reasons
and ideas to be happy. I suffer from a lot of mental health issues and tend to look at the more negative
sides of things rather than the positive. I'm trying to work on this, but I definitely think this will help.

I heard about this recently in Hannah Wittons sex book video and since I've started taking more
openly and featuring more sex posts on here, I wanted to educate myself even more on the history
 of sex and sex toys in particular. There is no such thing as being too knowledgeable. 

This was also featured in Hannah's video and I immediately added it to be Wishlist. Women go
through so much in regards to their period, so why not learn more about it? This is so highly
recommend by many people and even though I don't own it and haven't read it I think it will be
perfect for the younger generation whom are about to start their periods, to gain more understanding.

Last year I got diagnosed with BPD, and since then I've been trying to learn more about it and how 
I can handle and understand different situations and things about me. I have a few books about it
already, but this is still high on my Wishlist. It also speaks about other mental health issues that are
related to BPD such as; abuse, eating disorders and PTSD.

Another recommendation, this time from Books and Lala. This is based around a bookseller who
loves murder mystery novels and compiled a list of the perfect 8 murders. The FBI turn to him after
finding his list, due to these murders being committed in real life. I'm not usually one for books like
this, but this sounds so incredible and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. 

It's so secret that I love Stephen Hawking. He was an incredible man that will be a part of history
forever and he would be one of the people I would invite to my 'ultimate dinner party'. I read his
autobiography and became even more infatuated with him. Obviously I'm no where near as smart or
talented as he is, but reading another one of his books would be incredible and a perfect way to
understand him more and how truly brilliant he was.

Out of all of these books, this has been on my Wishlist the longest. I believe I originally saw this on
Facebook or maybe a Buzzfeed post, and the title drew me in. I love how this is so confident in itself
that it believes it can change the way you think. Just like with the 14,000 things to be happy about,
I'm wanting to become a more positive person and think this is going to help me with just that.

Check out my Amazon Wishlist for more books I want here.



  1. Period has really picqued my interest! So many good books on here to add to my reading list!

    1. I can't wait till payday so I can pick it up x

  2. Ooh there’s some fab sounding books on here, Period sounds like one I should read and the 8 perfect murders sounds right up my street. Will have to check it out xx

  3. Always love having books to add to my list based on recommendations!

    1. My list is getting slightly ridiculous now, over 100! x

  4. 14,000 things to be happy about sounds really interesting and something that would definitely make me smile! Caitylis x

    1. Perfect with all the negativity going on right now x

  5. I’m not a huge reader as I don’t get the time but my mom is always on the lookout for new books so I’ve sent this over to her! A great selection

    1. Thank you! Have you tried Audible? So when you're doing other stuff you can pop your headphones in and listen rather than read. Might be worth a look x

  6. It is easy to fall into the trap of keeping on buying books and then you build up a shed load to get through. I went through the house a few weeks ago and made a note of the books that I haven't read and there were quite a few, so, I am making my way through those first. I do still pick up the odd 99p on Kindle as they are good deals.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I know! I'm the same. I still have over 100 books on my shelf that I need to read but I'm such a mood reader so it depends on the genre as to what I pick up x

  7. Leah on the offbeat is on my reading list atm!! x

    1. Hopefully I get round to reading it this year x

  8. 14,000 things to be happy about sounds like such a good read for low days!

    Gemma Louise